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  • They're both incredibly awful, but obviously the long term affair because it is an ongoing betrayal of trust.
  • I think a long term affair as it proves 'intent' to deceive. A one night affair could be 'explained' away by a lapse of judgement, drunken stupor, etc.
  • Neither is good. One nighters can lead to STDs. One nighters generally lead to other one nighters. The person in a long term, extra marital affair is an oddity. They desire release from a relationship in order to have another relationship which, when they achieve it, they often compromise. Infidelity is not always the sign of character flaws, but it SOMETIMES is. It is also often used as a bench mark for job effectiveness.
  • Well a one nighter makes you a whore, and a long term affair makes you a bitch.
  • The long term cause i can imagine that it also comes with deep emotional attachmets. Its one thing to be cheated on but imagine your s/o falling in love with the other person or developing actual feelings that causee the affair to go on. Both are super bad though obviously.
  • Both harmful to a marriage. Can't say which is worse.
  • I would be equally as devastated by both. The long term affair means they've been lying to you for an extended period of time, so there's the betrayal factor. A one night stand means that they have so little regard for you that they're willing to throw away what you have for one night of sex. It is never a mistake - if you are conscious and aware that you have a partner, then there is no excuse for either one of the scenarios. I would end the relationship if either happened, without question.
  • The long term affair is more devastating! Depends how gullible the partner was I guess, who was being deceived!! Both are potentially relationship destroyers but the outcome of such indiscretions depends on peoples willingness to forgive & forget, neither of which is possible from my point of view! Once betrayed , game over!!
  • Long gotta deal with her b.s. more and more.
  • None. I know thats the answer you are looking for :)
  • Don't you mean which one is better?
  • long term affair because you can develop feelings for that person. with a one night affair its over and just physical.
  • Long term. The longer you cheat on your s/o the harder it is for the person who was cheated on. If this happened to me I would feel like a fool knowing all this time I was being played. Altho one night stand can be just as hurtful.
  • They are both a problem. Unless, of course, it involves fantasy child, in which case it would totally justified under any circumstances :)
  • both will hurt in the end , but long term affair hurts the most when it ends
  • A long term affair because when you break it off you will surely be devastated.
  • If it is an affair, then long term. There will come a time when one of them will find true love and the other person will be without. A short term affair is easier to get over and move on. I don't get why anyone would or could use someone for one thing and just go away.
  • One time or a million times, cheating is cheating. Although I would eventually forgive them for my own peace of mind, I would be saying goodbye to them either way.
  • once you settle for the lesser of two evils, you wil become more willing to settle for the greater of evils. Dont put up with either of them.
  • A long term affair. While cheating is a horrible and disgusting practice if it happens one night it shows that you may have let yourself get caught up in the moment, where as with a long term affair, you picked a temporary lifestyle.
  • Long time means you've been replaced and they have given up on your relationship. One night affair means they have a weak character or don't know when to stop drinking.
  • A long term affair is definitely worse. A one night stand usually is an act of passion (sometimes inspired by other thing than lust). It's fun and it happened once so both parties know that it is what is it. Long term affairs, on the other hand, are no strings attached and strictly physical. The chance of feelings getting involved is extremely possible, which complicates the situation even more. Unless both parties are completely ok with that, long term affair success rates are usually pretty low. Not a good idea!
  • A long term affair is worse because there is plenty of time to think about what you are doing. Not that it is excusable, but one can be swept away with emotion and/or lust in a one night stand. If it goes beyond that, you have thought about it and had time to call it off.
  • Long term. You both fall in love with each other. Then what? Tears you to pieces. Past is past, now is now. The connections have been formed.
  • While I don't approve of either, I would have to say long term is much worse. One nighters can happen for a lot of reasons without being a conscious decision. Long term affairs are understaken knowing they are wrong.
  • Definitely long term --- but these things are complicated and we should not judge people on them. Life is complicated.
  • The one time could be a singular lapse of judgment. It's terrible, but continuing to do it is worse.

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