• 8 to 10 degrees b.t.d.c. (before top dead center)
  • This is the information that you requested: Base Timing 0°TDC (Manual Trans) Base Timing 0°TDC (Auto Trans) PROCEDURE: Set timing under the following conditions: Normal operating temperature. Air cleaner installed. A/C "OFF." Transmission in neutral. Disconnect SET TIMING connector. The location of the set timing connector is inside the cab where the heater box and the carpet meet on the passenger side floor. Pull carpet back to expose the single wire and connectors on the outside of the control module harness. The wire colors are tan with a black stripe. DO NOT disconnect 4 wire connector at distributor. Connect timing light and adjust as necessary by loosening hold down bolt and rotating distributor. For specification, refer to SPECIFICATIONS/TIMING MARKS. Tighten hold down and recheck the timing. Stop the engine and connect SET TIMING connector. Clear control module trouble code by disconnecting control module power source. With engine at operating temperature, drive vehicle at part throttle with moderate acceleration and decelerate to idle condition. This will "teach" the control module and return the engine to normal performance.

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