• It may very well do just that. The Republican Party saw huge losses in the 2006 and 2008 elections because they were seen by moderates and Reagan Democrats as too extreme. But for some reason, they decided they lost because they were not extreme enough. I think they have truly gone off the deep end.
  • Only time will tell, but in the meantime, I truly hope their tactics do not succeed. We are in desperate need in the US for substantial health care reform. The "out of control" protests are frightening.
  • I agree.
  • You think? It's amazing we have to even explain this to people who cannot see this and are not getting it. I think that just as these jerks lost the election for themselves by acting out and making untrue statements of nonsense and terror, with Sarah Palin as their spokseperson, they will lose big on this issue as well. People are sick of this nonsense and posturing. Pretty soon the actual Republican party is going to make these aholes change their names to something else. If Democrats acted like this, I would want no part.
  • If you lose your temper and raise your voice, you've already lost the argument IMO.
  • I think that may be part of the picture, but is certainly not the entire picture, since a lot of the protesters are Independants, Libertarians, and even conservative Democrats, who could care less about the Republican party and who view the current health care bill as an assult on their freedom.
  • When people protested the war and burned American flags and burned mannequins dressed as U.S. marines and when college students put the flag on the ground and walked all over it while taunting a ww2 vet that was standing there crying they were exercising their right to free speech. But when a group of people picket and protest against something they believe will do more harm than good they are out of control. I don't understand this type of logic.
  • Yes, it's a good thing that the entire nation can see these few misguided souls acting so badly in public. The idea of public protest is dear in my heart, I'm an old "protester" myself...and I fully support their right to protest - yet their methods are deplorable in the extreme. Vile insults and total lies and distortions will never win over converts - it will only make you look totally unhinged and uncivilized. The Republican party was once a noble institution, the party of Lincoln, and it's more of a caravel filled with circus clowns and sideshow's a shame when you think about it - a total shame. The once respectable right has become the lunatic fringe...the "tin hat" crowd, a national laughingstock - and I actually feel deep pity for them. Lunatic Fringe......hmmmmmmm......
  • Well Tyler, my guess is you either never took a polisci course or you never paid attention in class. Which is it?. Define "civil dioscourse". Compromise? Six men standing in front of you with their rifles at the "ready-aim" stage and you want to "compromise" to get the figure down to 3 or four in front of you? Why? Their goal will be accomplished regardless of the compromise. This may go against your grain, but might I suggest you try fighting for what you believe in?
  • Stupidity, ignorance and violence never help anything
  • I hate Politic and and I hate partisan Politics even more. The extreme right is wrong more than half the time ; and the extreme left is wrong just as often. I believe in a common sense approach to life. I look for proof before making my decision. Bush gave our smart bomb Technology away to the Chinese. He gave our jobs away too. Obama cares more about other Nation's interest than America. Our leaders show no Leadership. They think they can fool us. Do you want to be taxed to pay for the Insurance of illegal aliens? Do you think America should take care of it's own first? Do you think the economy can recover if we continue to import more than we export? Do you recall Obama saying he would renegotiate NAFTA? Why should we believe he will allow middle class people to keep their insurance? He lied about renegotiating NAFTA.
  • I recall a woman in town who was a leader in the local Republican party who used to write letters to the editor criticizing President Clinton. Her letters were well thought out and she gave useful information which supported her positions without name calling or other useless ranting. I would find myself thinking, yes she has a point and could find areas where I agreed with her. When George W. Bush attacked Iraq, she wrote letters criticizing some of his actions. Again well thought out and persuasive. Guess what? They stripped her of her position in the local Republican party and started a nasty smear campaign against her.
  • I think that is a ridiculous statement.

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