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  • Penis size (especially on the first date). If their brother makes more money than they do. If they've ever seen their mother naked/parents having sex. If their brother's penis is larger. There are other's, I'm sure.
  • why cant you pee while standing.. thats more then enough :P
  • "Do you actually know what you're doing?" "Which tampons do you think are better?" "Does this make my bum look big?" "That's so sweet, why don't you ever do things like that for me?"
  • just so you don't put him in a position to tell a white lie.. :P does this taste as good as your moms ? am i really the best you have ever had ? you did enjoy going to the mall with me yesterday for the 8 hr blowout ? does this make me look fat ?
  • 1. Why are your feet so small? 2. Have you ever tried crunches for your beer belly? 3. Do I look fat in this shirt? (hey you said SHOULD not WOULD) 4. On a first date: How much do you have put away in RRSPs? I know a guy who was asked this (not by me) - he was not impressed.
  • Are you always that fast? Just how close are you and your mother? Ummm have you ever done this before? How long do you intend to live in your mother's basement?
  • Is it in yet?
  • Is it in yet?
  • can i borrow some money
  • I believe that if you don't want to know the answer, then don't ask the question! A couple that come to mind are... How many people have you been with? And anything to do with ex girlfriends (and guys, we don't want to hear about them either!). Some things are just better left unsaid...
  • "What are 4 things that a woman should never ask a man?"
  • many partners have u had 2.want to go shopping i look fat something wrong
  • i can take a guess...On the first night in the hotel. I can't believe what I'm seeing, are you serious? How come you didn't tell me your only 4 inches there? You think that I will feel that at all? You wasted my time, can we go now?
  • 1) What are you thinking? 2) What are you thinking right now? 3) What were you thinking when....? 4) What are you feeling?
  • Are you gay? Do you wear a toupee? Was that supposed to be funny? Do you think I'm smarter than you are?
  • How do i look in this dress? Do you love me? Over so soon? and the most important one: What are you doing?/Why are you doing it?
  • 1)Do you wanna live with me and my parents? 2)Why are you gazing at other women? 3)Are you sure that this was not your first time? 4)Can we talk? (during a world cup on tv)
  • Is it in yet?....WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONE!!!
  • Anyone can ask me anything they want, it just depends on how much I trust to them as to whether I answer it truthfully or at all.
  • 1. Are you gay 2. Your boring 3. Your disgusting 4. The F word
  • .........
  • how much money he makes- he'll think you're a gold digger for his most recent ex's number- to ask her questions about him if his brother is single- if things don't work out if he'll change you for- you can't change people in order to like them, you have to like people for who they are
  • I take it you've never done this before? Has your mother been dressing you all your life? Is that as big as it gets? So, just how close are you and your sister?
  • 1] am i the prettiest girl you ever been with 2] which girlfriend do you love the most 3] did you ever want to screw any of my friends 4] do i look fat [ i hear they hate that question ] lolz

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