• Being pissed would be an understatement and it sounds like someones priorities are screwed up. Without knowing more, that's what my opinion would be.
  • When relationships are new, there is always that period of time where a person spends more time and puts a lot more effort into that new person. So, initially, it would definitely hurt, but hopefully that stage where you feel less cared for will pass.
  • No, my mom's boyfriend is my dad. She does care more for him because I don't live at home.
  • I see this exact same situation with my sister, her new boyfriend and her kids - it breaks my heart! Mother Love is unconditional and, in my opinion, nobody should get between a mother and her children.
  • She is to be pitied and ignored right back.
  • Soooooooo upset!! how can she love a boyfriend more than her child which she once carried in her womb?!
  • wudnt... cauz im sure aftr a point uf time onez life-partnr... or bf/hubby bekomz the most important thing in onez life... not tht they wud ignore the rest... but prioritiez chanje... n gues wud cut ma mumm tht much slakk if she wuz more intrestd in her bf (hubby in ma mummz case)... :D... peace!!!
  • My mom and dad are still with one another. But it hurts just as bad when my MOM loves her son, my brother more!! (and she will tell you so)
  • It's the story of my life.
  • yo sorry to hear that.. my mom was dating a dude and we all use to be really close and this dude i believe is not even good for her. she is always with him and has to include him in everything we do as a family. i have 2 brother and a sister... but maybe you should try to tell her how you feel if you havent already, but understand that we all fall in love and become committ to that person and thing will change, we all just hope for the better.. be hapy for her if shes happy and tell her that you just dont wanna stop being close because he's in the picture. Good luck
  • No, love is not a contest.
  • Of course! She is my mother, I am her child! I come from a broken family. Before I was born, I came much later then my siblings, my sister made my mom choose between kicking my alcoholic father out of the house, who also had an affair, or kick my sister out. She kicked my sister out. To this day, about 40 years later, my sister still has problems with her life because of that.
  • Yep. I will always love my son best of the world..always. I would never put anyone first over him. He is feelings will never change. Now, Jim loves his boys as fiercely as I love my boy...we feel the same about our kids and we do not understand anyone who would not feel exactly the same way. It isn't natural. :)
  • I don't think mother's should love their boyfriends more than their children period. If I had been in that situation, yes I would feel upset and less loved.
  • There is no such thing... It maybe that your Mother is happy with her boyfriend. And you may be difficult to her right now. How old are you? This sounds young and selfish because one day when you have a boy/girlfriend you are not going to want mom hanging around and you will forget you are going through this right now. Yup it happened to me, my daughter swear I loved my boyfriend more than her and it was not true. Once she had her boyfriend and was happy she forgot about mom and mom's boyfriend. If your mom has a boyfriend and you are still being provided for then let it go! If you have missed more than 2 meals call in the authorities.
  • It's even worse if she likes MY Boyfriend more than she does ME.
  • Its not nice I have been their. My mother was the same always giving her men attention and ignoring me alot. She got nothing out of it cos they all left her went off with other women and that. life is not fair. You are lovely and worth loving just cos she dont show it. You get on with your life and make the best of it and dont make the same mistakes with your kids as she has. Forgive her and move on dont be bitter but move on and if she ignores you alot dont bover with her much. She is not a good mother to do that.
  • Yes i would. anymother who feels that way, should never have become a mother. You devotion and affection goes to your child first then any one else second. If you cant do that, you might as well should have gotten an abortion. Women like that should not have children.
  • Absolutely! Blood is thicker than water. That's not a mother but an "egg" plant.

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