• For a time I thought Julia Roberts was hot, back in the Pretty Woman years. Then I thought Shakira was one shakin bakin babe. Oh and then for some reason that girl from the Wal-Mart movie (Ashley Judd)...I saw her in that in 2000, and I so wanted to see her breasts, and then there she was in that Marilyn Monroe movie with the most perfect bare breasts EVER, and I exploded in ecstasy and died. (I got better...after a while though). (Okay she still makes me shudder, even when she says asinine political things...but Mr Pants knows that's not her breasts talkin!) ....Oh and there's nothing I hate more than country music (except hip hop) but so long as i don't have to hear her sing, Shania Twain is built like a work of art, and I would like to appreciate it all in braille.
    • beaker95
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