• No, but we did have somebody else's pet turtle get lost and wind up in our plastic-turtle sandbox. It was a box-turtle and I wanted to keep it, but Dad said he was being missed elsewhere, so we took him back.
  • Yes. It was great. Now, of course, they say you can get salmonella from them. I had a turtle, many of my friends did (we would race them) and nobody I ever know got salmonella. Too bad for modern kids. I guess that salmonella was just waiting for the 21st century.
  • No I didn't but I do have two turtles now. :-)
  • Yes. I thought he was going to starve himself to death, so I put him in my aquarium with a large school of guppies. His appetite woke up REAL quick!
  • Once had turtle soup!
  • Yes, lots of them. I used to catch them in a lake all the time.
  • I had 4 Ninja Turles once. Turtles are cool but I've never had a live one for keeps. A friend and I once found a snapping turtle and took it back to his house. The next day he was gone.
  • yes,my next neighbor's cat aet it,swallowed it whole :[
  • I owned a turtle that recognized me and stuck it's head out as far as he could so I would rub the underneath of his neck. Tank really enjoyed that.
  • I sure did and we would feed it cherry tomatoes to watch its mouth get stuck on them or squirt him in the eye.. LOL... I just saved a dogs life and named him turtle. I love turtles.
  • No. I grew up in a 3rd world country where having a turtle is bad luck. You'll be poor the rest of your life. I did get one and lo and behold, I have worked all my life with nothing to show for it.
  • Yes...I painted racing stripes on it's shell and named it Herman Indy. +5
  • well it was a tortoise. he was really neat. he had some blue on him! i found him on he traveled 10 hrs home with me!
  • No I cannot say I did we had tanks in school but they were not mine. Nothing to do with Turtles :) The Iguanas in Cuba come right up to the tables to eat on the Eco Island.
  • Yes! A cute little green one.I used to take him outside sometimes for a "vacation":)
  • Yes, and now they dont sell them like they used to. Sad + 5
  • Yes, tons! we lived in the country. There was Ivar and Jussi and Gunnar and Istvan, and oh, yeh, Rutger! he was my favorite. I tried not to keep them too long but let them go back to the pond. Once I carried a very large snapper home in my bare hands. The scallops on his back were covered by moss or something so I thought he was a box. Then my dad gets home & looks in the pen and says, Got yourself a snapper, huh? WHEW.
  • Yes, I had one little turtle painted yellow and I named it .."Turdie" ... I was five years old . +5
  • No, I always had cats and dogs as my pets when I was a kid, I never thought about having a turtle, but I had friends that had some, but turtles did not catch my attention to have as a pet.
  • no sadly, I always wanted one ! :)
  • Nope. I had parrots and rabbits at different times. The cat ate them all!
  • Yes, as a toddler, a child, a teenager, a young man, an adult and a middle-aged man.
  • no, we werent allowed pets

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