• I dont think my mom cared that much about me so I did what I wanted. But I was a boy also. + 5
  • My Mom NEVER interfers with ANYTHING I do! She never has a bad thing to say about where I go or what I do. She never tells me I can't go anywhere or that I can't do anything. Of course, she's been dead for thirteen years now, so that might have something to do with that! :):)
  • wtf? My mom wasn't over protective, she was just a b**ch. She was pretty strict.. but she never CARED about protecting me
  • More strict than overprotective
  • My mom was very overprotective....tried to let us venture out and see things for ourselves but at the same time she didn't want anything to happen so...she would limit what we could do....let things happen slowly like when I got my DL...she wouldn't let me drive more than 1 mile from the house LOL

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