• My son went to an ACDC concert last night. I warned him about drinking and driving.
  • ummmm..thinking MsC! Don't remember...loll..+5
  • About the two second rule when it came to braking distances.
  • my friend from putting his leg on dog was late, though!
  • I warned my son to shallow dive in the pool, it is only 8' deep and not deep enough for plunge diving.
  • I warned my husband last night to stop tickling me +5
  • i warned a friend about the potential dangers of the controversial gardasil vaccine
  • Left a message at work for person in charge, that the electric jug doesnt always turn off automatically .. hence the sauna in the kitchen from time to time. Not particularly safe!
  • I'm not sure but I think it was while on our vacation. I met the two best friends of my son's girlfriend (she is a real sweetheart by the way) and was talking to one of them about food additives. I warned her against eating/drinking anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil in it and told her that it is the worst thing you can do for your heart. I made her promise to read all labels and she promised. It's kind of a crusade of mine, along with never eating farm-raised fish. Happy Monday Mrs.C! :) ((hugs))
  • I warned my friend not to drink the water when we went to Mexico City. She says she forgot. Need I tell you what happened to her while we were out and about?
  • Really bad weather the other night so I called my two older Daughters and told them to be careful driving! +5 June
  • I warned my nephew yesterday to not try a Habanero pepper out of my garden.
  • I just warned myself for spending so much time at AB;)+5
  • not to walk over there b/c there was broken glass
  • I warned my sons dad to make an effort or he will lose his son for gd!
  • I warned a forum about the dangers of tooth neglect. Now I'm in unending agony because of a neglected wisdom tooth and have no money, ride, or insurance, so I get to sit here and think about all the not caring for my teeth I've done. Brush them, floss them, and rinse them, and get you daily doses of calcium and magnesium people!
  • I work in hospice and warned a co-worker not to try to determine when someone was going to die.
  • Do you know I've had a good think - and I can't remember!
  • My 4 year old daughter-Don't ask for chocolate when we are at market. But in the last, I was the looser....
  • Told my daughter is she TEXT messages while driving, even at a stop light, say GOOD BYE to the keys AND the phone. Then I told her that since cell phones work via satalite, I can tell WHERE she is when texting. LOL it will take her a few weeks to figure this one out!
  • Well I don't remeber last time I warned someone about something. But I remeber one time in school I warned my friend not to take anything from me. They didn't listen, and when I grabbed his arm to get my item back I dug my nails into his skin and gave him a tiny cut by mistake.
  • My S/O was going to confront her son about a confrontation(wordy there)I suggested she let it rest for the night,she didn't(stubborn)and all worked out for the best,despite my warning,,,good for her(them)
  • I warned my wife of forty years not to marry me, damn that woman, if only she had taken my advice we could have become good friends.
  • Warned my cousin not to be waking me up, at 4:30, 5:00 in the morning, just to come in, and stay the night, just because, he does not want his dad chewing him out, when he comes home late.
  • 7-27-2017 People who go to Mexico and drink alcohol are sometimes found dead. The government complains because tax was not paid on the alcohol. Google has several news stories, but the link they give to the state department has no such warning.

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