• I think its just consumer madness, I use just the two you mentioned and Comet for the really tough stuff, haven't found a real need for anything else yet so I don't buy a bunch of it.
  • I use Murphy's, dilluted bleach (1:10), Lysol (old school lysol) and occasionally dilluted ammonia (for glass.) In my opinion, all the other stuff is just fancy expensive versions of the above.
  • Well everyone has products they are comfortable with. If all you need is those two - and goodness knows they are good ones - then I think you are ahead of the game. Dated or not. Are dirt and grime behind the times? I might add Pine-Sol or Mr. Clean.
  • 1-24-2017 There are some things to consider. You don't use caustic cleaners for your dishes, your skin, your clothes, etc. You don't use dishwater to scrub your driveway. You might buy frou-frou bath soaps because you have a family member with dry skin and your bathroom is decorated in mauve. This is not madness, this is good living.
    • Jewels Vern
      5 quart bucket * 1/4 bar Fels Naphtha * 1/2 cup borax * 1/2 cup washing soda (not baking soda) * 1/2 cup TSP (from a hardware store) * Grate the Fels Naphtha, or use a blender. Put the grated soap, borax, washing soda and TSP in a large sauce pan. Add some water, enough to dissolve. Put it on a low flame and heat it till it is all dissolved and melted. Stir a lot. When it is all melted pour it in your bucket and start adding hot water. Keep stirring as you add. Let it stand 24 hours and it will become a congealed glob. It will be the consistency of soft jello, and not look real pretty. Transfer it to more convenient containers. (I got empty soap bottles from the laundromat.) Use about 1/2 cup per load. There will be no suds. The ingredients for the first batch will cost about 30 bux but they will make enough soap to last 10 years or more.

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