• Not sure...I have a bad knee that hurts when i run b/c the cartlidge behind it is loose and it causes extra pressure and inflamtion....I'd stick to an eliptical or if you like being outside try rollerblading or skateboarding.....I rollerblade...It burns just as many calories as running and it actually tones better because the muscle is contracted for longer because the stride is long.
  • Is this your first time running in a while? You may just need to switch to something low impact. My knee is screwed up too so I have to stay away from the running too, although I miss it :-(
  • I would start taking some glucosamine for joint support (at least 500mg 3x a day), some l-glutamine, and also wear a knee brace next time you go. be sure to stretch regularly and drink plenty of water
  • Well it could be down to a number of reasons..normally with knee pain its Cartilage..ligament or Athritis maybe that you have just pulled it a think to do is this... get an ice pack and cover it with a damp tea it on the effected area for 10 minutes (no longer) do this every 2-3 hours and avoid running until the pain has gone..if you are still having pain you may need to consult a physio.. If you haven't been running for some time build gradually..and also work on building the quadriceps are they support the knee.. You may also consider using a knee support... Thanks :D
  • i would get it checked out and just dont run so much next time

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