• Sorry, you can't do that. Risk of being hurt is always a factor in love, and it cannot be eliminated. In fact, it's likely that you *will* hurt him at some point, being human... we all make mistakes. Learning how to live and grow together, even though you are both imperfect, is much more realistic than trying to make some absolute assurance for the future.
  • Considering how true it is that "actions speak louder than words", you can promise it all you like, but it will take an initial amount of trust on both sides for you to have the chance to prove it to him. Having said that, what you're saying is next to impossible. You probably will hurt him in some way, whether you mean to or not. It's just part of any relationship.
  • You can't. Almost certainly you will hurt him even if you never want to, try hard not to and possibly even without your consent, participation or knowledge. You can even hurt people you've never met just because of what they tell themselves about you whether it's true or not. Never make that promise. You don't have the power to keep it.

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