• I don't believe it encourages anything beyond having a vivid imagination. Because that is what fiction does, it stimulates your imagination. I don't think people are going to start jumping off of buildings thinking they can fly on brooms.
  • I think it does. At the grocery store the other day I herd a child ask his mother if she would buy some Newt tails and moth wings to make a potion. It is ridiculous.
  • There is no such thing as magic so anyone who is encouraged to try it will be practicing fairy tales
  • It may encourage teenage boys to spend more time in the bathroom thinking about Emma Watson.
  • Conservationists? Why would people who plant trees and stop soil erosion care about Harry Potter?
  • and the brothers grimm encourages eating children and living under bridges I doubt if vivisectionists are all that bothered either.
  • At first I worried the kids in my life were drawn to the magic theme out of escapist tendencies. But then I read the books and realized the message was quite the opposite: they were less about magic and far more about taking responsibilities for your actions (and your prejudices). A good example for kids and the rest of us. I love the books now.
  • Aren't religious zealots worried about everything, including going to the crapper? I personally don't like the Harry who Potted, but it's far form being evil. It's entertainment, that's all.
  • I think it is good for the imagination.If Harry Potter has magical powers that makes it an interesting story.Why ban movies or books that a minority of people appose????
  • I don't think people are being encouraged to look at witchcraft or black magic. As someone that has seen real magick used in the world (to help someone live) its amazing how a kids story can bring out the question. Harry Potter stories are a great way to get kids & adults reading-which is a real gift from J K Rowling. Reading can bring out the best in people - I have seen kids not wanting to read - actually pickup the bible & read it. (After having read some of the kids books available first)

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