• I don't think I have heard Heb 6:6 applied this way, but I often think about it when I see those images being carried around or statues. /././
  • It's like Stewie said - nothing like a half-dead Jew nailed to a piece of wood to get the appetite going. I like Buddy Jesus! If they had that at my Baptist church as a child I probably would've gotten out of there more whole. I can only imagine what little kids think of it.
  • That's the point. This is what the wages of sin would've demanded of each of us if He hadn't willingly taken the punishment in our place. After a gruesome demise then we deserve an eternal flaming Hell to suffer in. He went there for us too for three days. We get His perfection applied to our lives and He took the punishment for our sins full force.
  • He took the violence for my sins. We nail him to the cross everytime we sin. Jesus was wipped, spit at, thorns pushed on his head and nailed to the cross for you and me. It wasn't fake or non violent, it was verry violent and Jesus on the cross represents the truth for our salvation. When Jesus rose from the dead did Jesus hide his pearced side and broken body to the deciples? He even let Thomas place his finger in his side. Would you get mad at Jesus and tell him to put on some clothes because the image of you is violent?
  • Having been raised Roman Catholic, I not only found the image of the crucified Jesus violent, but terrifying and REPULSIVE! I had NIGHTMARES for years because of that image and it's taken me YEARS to get past it. Ironically, I had to tread a HEATHEN path in order to see Jesus as a MAN, not a divine being created BY men! Thank so much for posting this question, fearless. I'm glad someone else recognizes!
  • Yes I do. For a religioun supposedly based on love, their symbol is a device of torture. Somewhat ironic.
  • It is kind of odd. You show your admiration for a symbol of their murder weapon? As George Carlin stated: If Jesus were to return, a crucifix is the LAST f---ing thing he'd want to see!
  • Violent image for a violent religion.
  • Disturbing
  • George Carlin had a neat joke about that. He contended that Catholics were glad Jesus was crucified and not stoned to death because they could make the sign of the cross easier than mime a stoning.
  • Sort's an image of violence that has been done as opposed to one that glorifies people who do violence. Calling the image 'violent' though kind of pushes the usual definition. It's not as though it is used to promote crucifixion.
  • The first time I took a look at it, I had nightmares for days. In fact, I think it was that image that made an Atheist outta me. These X-ians are really sick, sadistic puppies
  • A violent symbol for a belief set with a history of violence. Fitting, no?
  • A violent image for a violent religion. Essentially, the three Abrahamic religions are death cults.
  • I find it highly offensive.
  • Not violent, but possibly disturbing as I fear it may break the 3rd commandment "You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth." I know it has been a moot point in the Church.
    • Linda Joy
      Not mine. I don't wear a cross, and there is none in my Church. Nor statues. There are pictures.
  • He suffered that for me,and anyother true believer.No greater love than that.
  • Slasher movies that Hollywood continually re-packages and re-releases like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre are much more violent. And the violence of those movies has ABSOLUTELY NO redeeming value at all. They are cruelty glorified-- they delight in the dismemberment and mistreatment of the human body. Horror movies glorify Satan. However... Christ's violent death accomplished God's redemptive plan for humanity. His death was not to titillate the baser carnal nature by indulging in a grotesque display of gore, but rather,: "He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you are healed" (1 Peter 2:24). The brutality of Christ's death is redemptive and not merely for entertainment and spectacle.
  • It was a violent death so yes; its not like there is anything wrong with that, and it certainly isnt as "violent" as most things you see on tv. Crucifixion was reserved for Rome's most hated enemies, in particular political prisoners. it was intended to be a violent death.
  • Yes. It was violent. And painful. And gruesome. And necessary for our salvation. Jesus, being God, was the only sacrifice worthy enough to atone for our sins against a holy God. He willingly allowed this to happen, paying the penalty for our sins that we were supposed to pay. He paid the price for sin for us. We can now stand before God on Judgment Day cleansed of our sins by the 'blood of the lamb.' Jesus. So yes, definitely violent and since it effects you, tell Him THANK YOU! Realize your sins separate you from God and the punishment for unconfessed sin is eternal damnation. Confess your sins to God, repent of them (turn from them, stop doing them), and live your life as a child of God purchased by Jesus's atoning sacrifice.
  • Absolutely, that thing should have content rating. Like 18+ or something. Maybe if they toned it down a little for kids.
  • Of course it's violent; it was an execution, one without all the touchy-feely political-correctness of modern-day executions.
  • man is violent,especially in their greed and power struggles.....yes ,it was violent....but was as it was foretold to be.....HE suffered and sacrificed...and ACCOMPLISHED...
  • By the standards we understand today yes it was very violent but put it in context of how Romans exicuted their prisoners it was standard for the times. Even predicted hundreds of years before in the Old Testament. Jesus died for the fulfillment of the Old Testament law of which no mortal man can live up to. By accepting Jesus as your saviour, you are protected from being judged by God on the day of judgment. A day that every knee will bow and evey person will confess to God. Those whom have accepted Jesus as Lord will be forgiven of all sin. Will you be one of those forgiven?
  • It was violent. It is a graphic image of what all of our sins do to God.
  • What did you expect? During the sacrifice of Jesus as the atonement for our sins, Jesus willingly shed His blood for the Salvation of mankind. It was prophesied in Isaiah chapter 53.
  • it was violent
  • Such a question from someone who calls himself "fearless". I've never noticed it myself. But then, I'm not agnostic, nor do I have a fear of the unknown. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder - maybe fear is as well.
  • Sure it's violent. Violence was how the ruling class controlled the people 2000 years ago. That day the Romans hung 3 men on crosses on Golgotha hill was far less violent than when they hung approx 6000 slaves on crosses after they defeated Spartacus in 71BC..
  • Yes. But knowing what I do now, my heart if full of love because of what my savior did for me. I also find the picture of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemone violent. Even though it doesn't look all that violent I know that Jesus felt the weight and pain of every sin of everyone in the whole world as he prayed that day. So much so that he bled from every pore! I know I can't even fathom how that felt! And I've been in chronic pain for 20 years. I was not traumatized as a child over this. I chose to look for the good in it and celebrate that! He did that for me! That means a lot to a kid who was not well-parented. But it means even more when you have your own child and know he did it for them, too! Violent, yes, but filled with more love than you can even imagine or comprehend at this time.
  • Crucifixion was gruesome

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