• What Pascal said would apply to the vast majority of humans on this earth. But the wise ones are capable of realizing both and behave accordingly. But the wise are few in number and their number is getting reduced by the day.
  • finally a quote I that sums up my views.
  • A microscopic egg and sperm from your parents somehow grows to become you, a complex organism capable of thought and reflection. The universe is so large it is essentially infinite from our point of view. Closer to home, free will gives each man infinite choices of how to live his life. Yet many people feel trapped, as if there were nothing they could do to improve their situation.
  • Blaise was mistaken, however you have to understand the era in which this man was born and the life he led and the sociatal enviromental influences at work, much like Leonardo or anyone else persecuted either by the church or the proxy populace in which it works .. real slavery is seldom seen but always felt ... ~Nemo~

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