• I sure do.
  • Probably. Its part of most black people's nature to hate "The white man", because to them no white person can be non racist, so they are racist toward whites in return. Same thing goes with Obama.
  • Well. he proved it when he stated that if there was trouble in a poor neighborhood that it is "usually started by white people." I guess a white person just passing through is a "trouble maker." I was verbally accosted by a young black male as I walked down the street past his house on the way to pick up my daughter from school. I guess I was the "trouble maker" for walking by his house. I agree that black people are inherently racist because they can be. What is sad is that they sink to a lower level in doing so, just like the KKK rednecks. The only difference is the color of the skin. The dysfunction of the mind is the same with both.
  • i don`t think he is racist,what racist things did he do?+5
  • I haven't heard him state one racist remark or place one race above another, so no. Who would he be racists toward?
  • I didn't think that he was, but after the Cambridge Police comment, I absolutely believe that he is.
  • Yes, he hates the Chinese.... Belay that! No, the President is not a racist.
  • Only if a bear eats meat!
  • definatley youre all doomed! all whites shall be slaves!(i had to say it even in jest, and i know you were all thinking it:)bring on the downrates!
  • Do the irish distrust the british, or the tibetans the chinese? If one group of people were oppressed in some way by another, the latter is usually the one distrusted by the other. But Obama was raised around white people but has worked and lived around black people, so who's to say exactly who he distrusts (other than Biden with secret information). But racist, who's to say. But who isn't deep down inside.
  • No. But his reaction to the Harvard professor's arrest shows he is sensitive about race as a black man.
  • I don't know. He sure stirred up alot of racial crap the other night didn't he?
  • nope. i think lots of right wingers like jumping on anything obama or other prominent minority says to retaliate for the fact that the republican party is perceived as a party of racists
  • Only Obama knows for sure.
  • i think everyones a racist
  • i would love to know how his white grandparents that raised him , think..... my grandson is biracial , and i live with him and his parents....his dad deep down is partial.....but my grandson is just as proud of being half black as he is being half white....he is black and white and will not let his black friends tell him he is black..... he sees Obama himself as very partial indeed....he even earned the presidential award at school signed by Obama ....which he shunned.....he is 11, but he knows prejudice when he sees it....he was very mad when the he called a 'good' cop, stupid...
  • and Bpurtle, don't worry hun, you know as well as i and most white people do that blacks cannot be racist to us, it doesn't exist x
  • I don't think he is a racist. I think he gave an instinctive reaction which was two things: a)he was doing what we would all do, naturally, and that is stick up for a friend. If my friend had been arrested for disorderly conduct, my first reaction would probably be to stick by the friend. Admittedly, since he is President, he should have reacted differently - but maybe he has learnt his lesson. b)I think also, through his past work he feels a strong sense of identifying with the black community, and with the problems they do have that are veyr real in terms of persecution by law-enforcement officers. Yes, statistically black men may be more likely to commit crime, but innocent black men are also far more likely to be pulled over when driving, and arrested etc - just for being black. I think, coupled with knowing this man and maybe thinking he is not the sort to get into trouble with the police, Obama probably had an awareness of this common injustice in the back of his mind which probably led to the comment. After all racism is endemic in the police. He is my friend = he is a good man because I believe him to be so + he is a successful black man + the police often come down too hard on the good members of the black community because of all the rotten eggs = perhaps this arrest was unjustified. There is no racism. Feeling a need to stand up for the black community and feeling suspicious of the police treatment of the black community is not racism against whites.
  • Absolutely not. Racism may be simmering beneath the surface in this country but since the sixties much progress has been made with both whites and blacks. It's important to remain objective and rational, and to understand that not every slight is meant on racist grounds. Obama's recent remark about an arrest of a black professor being stupid does not qualify as racist. It might have been a tactless, unthoughtful remark, but it wasn't racist.
  • The people who get so upset so quickly may be racist, but Obama does not seem to be. How would you like it if everything you said got on TV???
  • No, I don't think he is a racist.
  • No, not at all. I think a lot of folks who oppose him just keep blowing things out of proportion. Being sensitive to racism isn't racist. It might not have been the wisest thing to say that those cops acted "stupidly," but that wasn't a racist comment.
  • I think Obama is: Rational And Caring In Seeing Things so yes he’s a racist.
  • His mom is? His dad is? So, how can he be?

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