• Yeah, he did his job. I wonder if he would have 'done his job' just the same if the man had been white and with blue eyes or a Jew
  • It will never happen.
  • There are always 2 sides to every story. After seeing the pic of Gates coming out of his house in cuffs he looked as if he was yelling. Gates said he went calmly, its evident he didnt. I think he probably did go crazy on the officer and is trying to use the race card. I have come across alot of black ppl like that, since Im not black I have not told directly by a black person but I have seen it. It could be that Gates went out peacefully but Obama was not there, he obvious taking the side of a black man. Blacks have to drop the race card bit its getting old.... for God sake our President is black, how much more do they want to be proven that blacks are not treated bad?
  • he is too stupid himself...too proud and partial...they don't humble and apologize....
  • He will never get an apology, because President Obama and his press people did some damage control by saying that he was talking about the situation being out of hand and not calling the officer stupid, when he blatantly called him that. All he has to do is say that his statement was misconstrued and the press gives him a pass on it. Had it been President Bush that made that statement, the liberal hyenas would have tried to tear him apart. I'm so sick of the double standard.
  • That officer is a Typical White Person and we all know Obama thinks the TWP is a racist so I wouldn't hold my breathe for an Apology you may just pass out.
  • the cop was being a cop. he left his heart with his wife and punched the time clock and grabbed his gun and his taser. cops dont generally show their heart when dealing with people on the job. it just takes a few seconds for them to fear for their life...and they will kill anyone threatening them. especially if they have a screwdriver. man, those cops are terrified of screw drivers.
  • Oh? He was Just Obeying Orders?
  • I don't know why Bozo Obama is now afraid to apologize, he sure did a lot of that to the muslims.
  • Actually, Obama called Sergeant Crowley and apologized today for weighing in before he had all the facts. He invited both Sgt. Crowley and Professor Gates to the White House to have a beer with him.
  • Today.
  • Can you imagine a US president calling a police force stupid yo?...
  • Never I hope, the cops were idiots in this case.
  • and what the hell has he got to say sorry for ... a jack booted copper over stepped the mark again ... f*ck I am totally amazed he didn't pull out his tazar!!!
  • He gave somewhat of a dance around an apology out of pure pressure, he needed this to go away, but not fully willing to publicly apologize. He reserves that for other countries on our behalf.

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