• actually for your stomach you need to do some will really help lose those extra inches and give you a firmer look!!
  • Actually situps will only build up your abdominals which will INCREASE your waist measurement. Spot reduction is a common has been proven medically impossible. To effectively lose weight walking will NOT help you. You have to get your heart rate up to around 80% of your max heart rate. For a twenty -five year old this would be around 157 bpm. Thirty minutes of running 5 times a week at your target heart rate will give you the results you are looking for. It's not so much how far you run but for how long you keep your heart rate up. Don't forget that diet is also an integral part of the equation...
  • you need toi look at working you heart rate at the higher end of the scale for and extyended period of time. this will help burn fat which may reduce your waist size. any resitance work probably wont help as this will build muscle. find out your tagert heart rate by taking you pulse at rest for 30 seconds and multiplying it buy two. this will give you your resting heart rate. take this away from 220 and find out 70-80% of it. this will be your taget zone for your heart rate. and this will help you burn fat.

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