• Good question. I suppose mainly it depends on many things like how the car has been driven/serviced etc, who by and if it's been done properly. Equally a car that's never been used can have problems. VW are extremely good car manufacturers, but also, what model are we talking about. I mean you say VW Golf (or GTI) like there was only one... there have been several dozen releases of this car and so many marks (I, II, III etc) I've lost count. If your talking about the one Jeremy Clarkson reviewed once as the best hothatch (ever) then it would be a Mark II I believe... That said, I've personally heard of VW Golfs/GTIs lasting well over 200,000 miles, and well over 10 years... UK
  • If we are talking older Golfs (pre-90), I have seen them with over 450K. My first one was still running strong at 224K. As for GTI's, their life expectancy is considerably shorter for one simple reason; the type of people who take a GTI over a plain Golf are generally not kind to their cars. Sure, they may maintain them religiously, but between scheduled oil changes they tend to be a bit harder on tehir equipment. There is no mechanical/engineering reason for them not to last as long as (and possibly longer than) their non_GTI brethren but human nature tends to shorten their lifespan a little bit.
  • Our 2001 VW Golf has 147,000 miles on it already and its running fine. The key is to have a good mechanic that really knows VW. And go to autozone to check the fault codes when check engine light comes on. Saves at least $85.00 each time. Most commonly replaced items for us is Sensors. By the way I forgot to menmtion we havent had anymajor repairs, havent even replaced the clutch.
  • if the car is maintained reguarly it can last i have seen golfs and jetta's hit over 600 K

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