• They are no less likely and sometimes more likely to be good parents. They understand that every person has their own life and the right to choose how to live it. That kind of understanding is vital in not interfering in your children's need to make their own life.
  • They're the same parents who fight for the schools to pass out condoms to 9 year olds without their parents' knowledge and against their wishes.
  • It depends on the individual parents... Are all vegetarians red paint throwing, granola eating, tree huggers? No. But some of them are. Just like some anti-abortionists are bad parents, some pro-choice people are bad parents. Just cause those people support the option to have an abortion, doesn't mean they're the ones having them... they very well could never ever imagine themselves having on. If anything, I think some of them are exceptionally good parents because they're open to giving people rights to their own bodies and just generally have more of an open mind and have put thought into the issue other than the one angle of it being murder.
  • Why wouldn't they? Just because someone believes that not every pregnancy has to result in a live birth, and that the woman has a right to decide whether or not she carries to full term, doesn't mean that they don't like children or can be compassionate people. It may be difficult for anti-abortionists to understand but the fact that it is possible to support the decision to have an abortion, doesn't mean it isn't equally possible for the same person to support a pregnant woman who does want to see her pregnancy through and have a baby - the two are not mutually exclusive. Whilst I cannot condone using abortion as a late stage/after the event contraception, I do accept that there are many reasons why a woman may want to terminate a pregnancy. I actually believe that this makes me a better parent - should my daughter ever be daft/unfortunate enough to find herself pregnant with a child she does not want, I hope she will be able to approach me to support her in the knowledge that I will not judge and will be with her every step of the way whatever her final decision turns out to be.
  • They can if they are good compartmentalizers, as pro-choice parents need to be.
  • It's called compartmentalization. They can kill one of their children but somehow love another. They can rationalize killing one child but nurse another with no pang of guilt. Mafia Dons can kill dozens of people in cold blood but somehow still love their kids. It's an amazing ability.
  • They perfectly well can be. While I support abortion, I do so only for the early stages when I consider that what is aborted to be merely a blob, not a child. Fertilised eggs are not humans and do not have human rights. Children are humans and one will love and care for them as humans.
  • They make the best sort of parents. They understand the need for flexibility in the world and that hard choices have to be made in the short term to avoid painful long term consequences.
  • Absolutely. I've known women who were pro-choice or had to abort for personal reasons, and they went on to raise confident, well-adjusted, happy children. I think pro-choice people can be very good parents because they're more likely to urge their kids to use contraception, which helps prevent abortions from happening in the first place.
  • Ask their kids. Oh, never mind, they killed some of them.
  • Some do, some don't. Just like some Christians are good parents, and some aren't. Some Men are good fathers, some are not. Some Germans are good parents, some are not. Etc, etc, etc.
  • It may make them spirutally unaware parents to some, but they would be much better parents than people just popping out kids with no thought for their future, that's for sure.
  • Yes, some do.
  • of course they can be, what if they had an abortion because they weren't ready for it, but wanted to wait until they could actually support their kid when they were older and had a steady career? And just because someone is pro-life doesn't mean they are perfect parents....
  • Sure. A man who intentionally killed 1 or 2 of his kids can still be a good father to the rest.
  • I dont really think it has any relevence at all. The bottom line is there are far to many dreadful parents out there who frankly should have given abortion some consideration before popping out yet another unwanted child.... just take a look at any council estate in England if you need proof.
  • It depends on your perspective. If you're the kid who got aborted, I'd go with no.
  • As others have said, there is no blanket yes or no answer to this. Some will make good parents, some will be bad, in the same way that some pro-lifers will be good parents and some will be bad; I don't think it really has anything to do with their abilities as parents really.
  • Of course, isn't that obvious? Their concept of whether a foetus is sentient and who has the right to determine whether to have the baby when it is in the womb has NOTHING whatsoever to do with their skills as a parent once their own baby is born. If they believe in abortion, it may be because they do not see a foetus before a certain point as a sentient being and feel the mother has the right to choose at that point since it is sharing her body. It may be because they are not religious. It may be because they think it is better not to bring a baby into the world unless it is wanted and is going to be brought up in a stable and loving home. None of those things negatively impact on actual parenting skills.
  • Of course.
  • They sound like they would be dangerous parents who lack compassion.

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