• Take vitamins and walk/bicycle ride
  • A lot of exercise. Do not drink or Smoke Take Vitamins and eat well
  • Keep moving as much and as often as possible. It does not matter what type of exercise as long as you do something. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Keep engaged in interactions with people and keep reading and learning and thinking to maintain mental acuity. Don't get discouraged and don't give up.
  • I don't care about old age now. I'm 16.
  • I think the main things to do when you are young, especially if you live in a colder climate is not to go out summer clothes in the winter. I often see teenagers going off to night clubs in the winter dressed in short sleeve shirts, and women in summer clothes too. When they get older they will most probably have rheumatism which is very disabling when you get older, so always wear a coat or jacket Too much alcohol consumption is a killer and causes liver complaints. I enjoy alcoholic drinks myself but never binge drink. I think the main thing is to keep your body healthy, and reasonably fit. When you retire from work its very important to keep your mind active, and one of the best ways is to get yourself a computer or do lots of reading. Young people never seem to think that they will be old one day (myself too when I was a teenager),and never make good provision for their retirement. I say as soon as you start working get yourself into a good private pension scheme so that when you retire you can still go on plenty of foreign holidays. Never rely on a state pension to see you through old age.
  • Eat fish, read, exercise, meditate
  • Exercise, eat well, keep at a healthy weight, take my vitamins, read, do New York Crossword puzzles, and save my $$.
  • Stay active, don't smoke or drink, eat resposible and have a positive attitude.
  • exercise frequently, 'try' to eat healthy
  • "Use it or lose it", no?! ;-)
  • Every young person must plan for their own old age. A time for retirement will eventually come to everyone. Youngsters must plan ahead for an enjoyable post retirement occupation alongwith sufficient income to continue the lifestyle of their choice. A healthy lifestyle now, taking enough insurance and thinking ahead will solve the problem of a cheerless old age.
  • I eat right (vegetarian), lift weights, and do regular cardio. I also promise to myself all the time that I'm going to remain active. What do you do, CT?
  • Too late. I'm already in old age. But I got here and plan to stay awhile if I can by avoiding tobacco, drinking only moderately, eating a healthy diet and exercising daily.
  • a twenty minute walk around the park every other day.
  • The single best thing you can do for yourself is not to smoke. If you smoke, stop. If you don't smoke, congratulations and don't start! The second major thing you can do is maintain a healthy body weight. Caloric restriction has been shown to increase life span.
  • You bet,I'll never be Old.I'm 25 and I'll be 25 till I die. You know my schedule and food habits,don't you?Do I need to type?
  • In the first instance...prevent old age.
  • I'm a sport FREAK!
  • Eat right and exercise.
  • Swim, walk, play hard, soduku...and lets see, drink diet scotch.
  • A lady I knew (now deceased) was a strict vegetarian for more than 30 years, walked and cycled daily, was very fastidious about her diet, and took all kinds of "health-giving" supplements. She was found to have four coronary blockages. Here's a piece of advice. Enjoy your self, It's later than you think; Enjoy your self While you're still in the pink. The years go by And you'll be on the blink, Enjoy yourself, Enjoy yourself It'sd later than you think. What's the point, C.T.! When you gotta go, you gotta go.

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