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  • Ask him why he is unhappy in your marriage. I'm sure it's something you can both work out.
  • Im the kind of person who has a pertinent, meaningful answer to almost anything... But this. Im sorry... Get councelling.
  • Then YOu need to talk to HIM about what YOU can do to make the marriage more meaningful to HIM ..... At the same time ; tell him what HE can do to make the relationship more enjoyable for YOU ....
  • Well, it's a good start that he is at least telling you how he feels. You will have to try to find out (or help HIM find out since he may not know yet) what exactly is making him feel restless and unhappy and what you and him could do to change that. What you should do will depend on what he says and what he wants to do.
  • If you still love your husband, which clearly you do, and feel that the love (and loyalty) is reciprocated, you should take steps to make your marriage survive. Many couples go through a difficult patch, it is only natural to have ups and downs. Have you considered couples therapy or marriage counseling? Sometimes it is easier to discuss marital problems when a 3rd party is navigating the conversation. Also, you will both gain advice and proactive measures from talking with a counselor. Suggest this to your husband and explain that you want to try to make your marriage work. If you're still looking for more feedback, you may want to go to (I often post here and get good responses), or Best wishes!
  • If he can't describe the specific things that are making him feel "restless and unhappy" you will have a hard time fixing anything. Giving you a broad statement like that really isn't fair to you since you have no idea what, if anything, you could do differently. Or if it would help if you did. Maybe he needs to realize that these feelings happen occasionally in a marriage and sometimes it isn't the marriage or your partner. It's just something you are going through that will pass on it's own. And if it isn't something specific about your partner that you think they can fix there is no point in sharing it.
  • Vague enough to mean almost anything but specific enough to hurt. He would not tell you why? Perhaps he does not even know himself. You seem to be happy with him which is great but men need more than just our happiness although that is important to them as well. They need something for themselves and perhaps he has come to feel the marriage has been too much just about you. This is just a possibility - you don't give any more detail. But remember we tend to define ourselves through our relationships. Men mostly do not.
  • maybe you should tell him what you just told us
  • if hes not happy i would let him go

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