• I doubt it. I look in the papers and see the enormous numbers of psychics, mediums and other crazies and watch as people cry about being ripped off for thousands by these people and think: we are going backwards.
    • Creamcrackered
      That would be the lucis (Lucifer) trust started by Alice Bailey, funded by the UN as the new world religion and inspired by Madam Blavatsky.
  • Not as long as TV networks compete for advertising dollars. Reason is not one of their motivating directives. TV is the medium, not the message. Information develops so fast now that an age of enlightenment could come and go in a decade. Would we even notice? Perhaps the slow nature of communication in the 17th century was a factor in the length and depth of the Age of Reason. ADDITION: The Age of Reason or Enlightenment, source:wikipedia The Age of Enlightenment (French: Siècle des Lumières, German: Aufklärung) refers to the eighteenth century in European and American philosophy, or the longer period including the Age of Reason. It can more narrowly refer to the historical intellectual movement The Enlightenment, which advocated Reason as the primary basis of authority. The Enlightenment is often closely linked with the Scientific Revolution, for both movements emphasized reason, science or rationality, while the former also sought to develop systematically understanding of divine and natural law. Inspired by the revolution of knowledge commenced by Galileo and Newton, and in a climate of increasing disaffection with repressive rule, Enlightenment thinkers believed that systematic thinking might be applied to all areas of human activity, carried into the governmental sphere in their explorations of the individual, society and the state. Its leaders believed they would lead the world into progress from a long period of doubtful tradition, irrationality, superstition, and tyranny which they imputed to the Dark Ages, though not from religious belief. The movement helped create the intellectual framework for the American and French Revolutions, the Latin American independence movement, and the Polish Constitution of May 3; and led to the rise of classical liberalism, democracy, and capitalism. The Enlightenment is matched with the high baroque and classical eras in music, and the neo-classical period in the arts; it receives modern attention as being one of the central models for many movements in the modern period. The Enlightenment influenced the Jewish Haskalah, which in Western Europe and particularly in Germany resulted in the elevation and eventual replacement of Yiddish by Hebrew, as well as the Jewish reform movement. The Enlightenment as a movement solely occurred in Germany, France, Britain, and Spain, but spread beyond. Many of the Founding Fathers of the United States were also heavily influenced by Enlightenment era ideas, particularly in the religious sphere (Deism) and, in parallel also to the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, in the governmental sphere with the United States Bill of Rights.
    • Creamcrackered
      And The Leviathan
  • Yes after "The Age of Treason." If we can get past playing The Price is Right (too much stupid behavior driven by profit)
  • If anyone comes up with a provable piece of information beneficial to mankind, it is possible.
  • What do you mean another age of reason, where was the first??
  • maybe, not sure what you mean by it
  • Not according to below: The onset of the twentieth century was hailed in many commentaries as the real beginning of the Age of Reason. .
  • More worthwhile to reach the "reason of age."
  • nnaybe
  • The most irrationial age of all resulted from the so-called Age of Reason, the the great genocidal murderers of the French Revolution it was the first modern genocide, an attempt to destroy without mercy an entire region and its population,..Estimates of the numbers killed in the Vendée vary greatly, from as few as 40,000 to as many as 600,000. What is important is that the campaign was systematic, genocidal:
  • I suppose this isn't the time or place but I think the whole idea of Age of Reason has been thoroughly debunked. PEople like Michael Polanyi and Michael Oakeshott. But isn't the Pandemic thing The Age of Reason? Computer models that predict 20 million dead, Governors telling people to put on their mask between bites when they go out to have got to be kidding

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