• what i enjoy most about it is the people i go with (most of the time, if it is not with my boyfriends feral friends who try to wake us up by shoooting at us with the slud gun!) and the fact that is summer time whenever we go. so it is HOT and we are by the river and it is my birthday season and Christmas season! it is the best time of year =]
  • *No electronics and high-density EM radiation so my tinitus gets quiet and I feel relaxed. *Living a pre-industrial life *running down a wild boar and feeling its life fade as I cut its throat whilst in a headlock, and the tasty lunch that ensues *Meditating in the rain *getting hopelessly lost in the woods *being able to scream and hit things and emote all the passionate emotions that are looked down upon or I'm ashamed to emote in society and finally... *coming back to civilization when the diseases kick in. +4
  • It's so peaceful! Even though i stayed in my cousins camper, but just being outdoors is great. Escape the usual, best thing ever‼
  • I love getting up at 6 and packing coffee and a small snack and going top water bass fishing...the mist is coming off the water and when that fisg smacks your lure, it's better then.....well not that but a very close 2nd....could do it all day!

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