• I've been on both sides of the spectrum. The first one is preferable.
  • in most cases i don't do it, but there a few times or areas i find myself worrying even when i know it is pointless. +5 great question !
  • I'm neither actually
  • I know it is pointless and yet still I worry. It is so bad I have to take sleeping tablets otherwise I'm up all night worrying. But I've recently begun CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and it is much better now. It is very easy to change the way you think, so long as you keep an open mind.
  • Good question! Yep Im a worrier! Heck you can find that out by some of my stupid questions on here lol
  • Ah, I worry SO much, I keep telling myself there is no reason too! And I'm always the one who is telling people that worrying isn't going to do any good! Ah I am such a hypocrite!!
  • depends on the situation. Ill tell you ive been in situations where worrying is not pointless. its that emotional "pre-start" that helped me keep focused in traumatizing situations.
  • When I have been independent in my life and free from others...I never worried at all. When I met my ex. I had a little apartment and my Oldest son... We didn't have much and I had to work 12 hour days to afford it. But it was mine... I had the distraction of work and the peace of knowing It was in my control if I succeeded or failed. He came along and I let him take my life... I trusted a man, gave him a child FOR HIM out of love, got lazy, believed that he would care for us forever and never leave us mostly because he said it often... I believed, I trusted... And he destroyed my entire life because he could. I let him because I loved him. Now... Im completely dependent upon a cruel, heartless, lying, cheating bastard who hangs my life with my children over my head like a carrot because someone does it to him with his job... I have to re build my entire life not knowing from day to day if I will be given the means or the time to do so. While STILL raising my children and trying to do the best I can completely alone mentally & emotionally with no one but my friends for moral support. Sometimes... You just need a hug. Most of the time... I want to die. If it werent for my kids... I would be.
  • I am finally becoming a "it's pointless so I don't do it" person. For me it has been a conscious act of will to stop being a constant worrier.
  • I know it is pointless, but still do it. My relatively recently developed job-loss / career loss insomnia is proof of that.
  • I know that worrying is pointless, but I still do it. I do try to turn my worry into planning though.
  • I used to worry all the time, but I've been trying not to. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm hoping with more practice I'll get better at it. Sometimes I actually surprise myself when I realize I got through a situation and I hadn't worried/stressed about it.
  • I still worry to some extent .... BUT; I live in the real world and just take everything from one day to the next.
  • LoL. I worry for about 5 minutes and then forget about it. Whats the point...OH WAIT, there isnt one. So why do it? It just makes things worse.
  • I know worrying is pointless, but still I worry.
  • i still do it even if its pointless

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