• well I would never slam the door int he face of anyone because I am courteous but I do have a no solitation sign on my door and have had JW's still knock on the door..I politely tell them I am not interested and sometimes, most times they go away..a few want to continue to push and that point I say good day and close the door, not slam it, but close it.
  • I don't mind them much. They have never bothered me. The only Jehovah's Witness I ever knew was a cute girl who liked sex. She never threatened my soul or anything like the regular Christians have who I have a problem with.
  • I have. Normally, I would just close the door after telling them I'm not interested. However, this man put his foot in the door when I tried to close it, so he could continue his rant. I moved his foot and then slammed the door. I suppose my motivation was escaping his crazy rant.
  • I don't want to listed to their bullcrap propaganda.
  • I would rather make them slam the door on me. When they want to talk to me about God, I'll be happy to give them my take on the whole thing. If they can out debate me, I got all day.
  • I don't slam my door; I just say Thank You and close it.  
  • I don't think you have to slam the door in anyone's face. However if you just tell then you are Jewish, whether you are or not it doesn't matter. They will go away without bothering you. They don't even try after they hear that. Works every the time. :)
  • I don't slam the door in anyone's face, and that includes Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Usually if before I let them speak I insist that they agree to drink bourbon with me and give me equal time to espouse my theology they'll hand me a copy of the watchtower and run like hell.
  • It was not a good time to disturb me while I was taking a nap..LOL
  • I have closed it emphatically when they just wouldn't accept a "No, thank you, I have my own beliefs"
  • I have never 'slammed a door', but I have told them "NO THANK YOU as I have a church home".
  • I only resort to violence when confronted with the same, therefore, unless a Johovah's Witness throws a punch at me, I'm happy just freaking them out with non stop talk, in Russian, and looking very worried about the whole conversation of topic.
  • I would never slam a door in somebodies face. But every year they would ride their bike down my 1/2 driveway to press their religion on me. Every year they get the same answers. I have my own beliefs, and when they can't just take no for an answer it makes me mad. Don't force your religion on me same thing with every other religion. If I want it I will ask. But don't sit there and try to persuade me to believe in something I don't want to.
  • I don't slam the door; I'm glad I haven't had to. But I do tell them I am happy with my faith and not interested in theirs, thank you very much, good bye. And closed the door.
  • because i like borat lol
  • I never slam the door on them because I don't answer the door.
  • I have never slammed a door in their face. I have been known to tell them to keep their literature, because I would put it straight in the trash can. And better yet, I have told them that they are heathen on their way to spend eternity in a pit of fire! And that their leaders are false prophets and their meetings filled with a brood of vipers. I've told them that their god is no god at all, and that their Jesus has no power. I've told them that they are spreading lies door to door, and being lied to when they are told it is good. And you know... I didn't even HAVE to close the door they left so fast. :-D
  • I don't answer the door unless it is a close friend or I have given an invitation. I'll let my kids answer and when they ask to speak to the head of the house, my kids tell them that the head of the house said they had to speak to my kids. They go away quickly. The worse I had was when I was mowing the lawn and stopped to pick up trash; I was filthy, sweaty, you name it. The woman was badgering me and I said I wasn't interested. So she asked if we could pray together. I felt like throwing the trash at her.
  • No, I would not slam the door in anyone's face. That said though, I always feels awkward as for some reason they always call at mealtimes and usually I have just put the baby in the highchair or something so I have to be quick. I always mean to say that if they didn't always call at mealtimes I would be willing to talk to them but this always goes clean out of my head because of what is going on at the time in my kitchen. I just wonder when they have their meals since we are a conventional family and eat our meals at the usual mealtimes. I accept they wouldn't know a convenient time to call on say, a shiftworker, since probably they eat as unusual times.
  • MOTIVATION being 2 COR 6.14-18

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