• It rains upon the just and unjust. It assume that out there, somewhere, is some Karma deity doling out shit scores, and you've just gotta suck it up and assume you're getting your just due from a previous existence. Without even once finding out what the hell it is you're being punished for. If the "Karma Deity" can remember the shit you pulled that you deserved- then the "Karma Deity" can be bothered to at least call ahead of time to let you know exactly what it is you're being smacked for.
  • Cause their proly liers.
    • Bootsiebaby
      What on earth does that mean? It makes absolutely no sense. Can you rephrase it in English, please?
  • You have answered your own question.
  • 3-4-2017 YEAH! If karma's a bitch then good people should get free puppies!
  • Not sure what karma being a "bitch" means, but there are several answer to the second part of your question. First of all what is "bad" and "good" would very much be in the eye of the beholder. So perhaps those you deem "good" are really not so good. Or what happens to them really not so "bad". Then many "good" people may not know enough to avoid many of the "bad" things. Also bad things can happen to anyone regardless like for instance natural disasters - to interpret them personally would be the height of arrogance.
    • Roaring
      Very well said officegirl. We are not that important (except when we make ourselves so ).
  • Karma is a Hindu concept that has been appropriated and redefines in he western world. Neither version of Karma is real. The universe is blind to us. There's no force in it that renders justice.
  • not sure why
  • To build strength, to give us new perspective, to grow empathy for others, so we can hep others navigate the challenges of life we've successfully overcome, to grow humility, to teach us to reason and not to do that again, and to grow character. Anyone can act nice when everything is going their way. Its how they act when they are beaten down by life that shows their character.
  • Well, things happen for a reason. If we had the vision of God we could probably very well answer that question. Sometimes things that happen that we see as bad are blessings in disguise.
  • Bad things don't happen to good people. Bad things only happen to bad people as karma catches up with them. Good people just get life corrections and diversions that make them stronger.

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