• You can find your sound installation in your motherboard cd.justinsert your motherboard cd and install the sound drivers from there.
  • Well first you need to know what sound card you have or if is onboard sound one way to find out is to run this program its free; it will usually tell you every thing about your system next you can try the company that makes the drivers say for example : real-tech from HP or if its a Dell then go to dell's web site etc if this doesn't work you can try this program which may work, it finds drivers and download and updates drivers for you. NEED TO FIND YOUR DRIVERS? Go this software will find them and update them for you all for free, just click on the red download button (start free download free version) 1.18 MB is the size of file just choose where you would like to save it too. (You may also need this file Microsoft NET Framework 2.0)
  • You can get the drivers direct from the hardware manufacturer's website. Simples!
  • Tell us the laptop manufacturer, the model and I'm sure several thousand people will know the answer! be wary of driver finder programs, some are good legitimate programs, some are not. The model number/serial number/manufacturer is normally on the back/underside of laptops, If it is go to the manufactures website, look for support and drivers or updates or something similar, if no info on the back/underside you can get some information from device manager in windows, use google/yahoo or whatever searches. Oh if its a toshiba make sure you have not accidently hit the tiny mute slider on the underside/front.

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