• when i was a boss, i talked to them 1-1 then with higher management, after that i fired them.....i gave them every opportunity then well is their own fault.
  • I'd treat them like the reason I was looking for a new job. If your manager is protecting them you don't have many other options.
  • Talk to them separately and see if there is a way you guys can have a good relationship with each other in the work place talk about your problems with her, and give her time to state her problems with you usually that act alone helps out.
  • you manage the situation. You have to be smarter than both. I'm guessing your superior does not literally do your job for you. This being the case, you can, in small ways, make life very difficult for your subordinate. Give the idea some thought, I'm sure you can come up with some ideas. Just enough so that he understands YOU are his boss, regardless of his relationship with 'your boss'
  • If your manager does not support you in this, I would suggest finding another position within that company or another job. He is undermining your authority with this subordinate and that is allowing that person to feel free to do as she pleases. It's very unprofessional of him and disrespectful to you.
  • Document everything that your subordinate does or does not do, in writing. Present the evidence to your manager. If your manager doesn't take action, present the evidence to his/her supervisor.
  • Respect is earned and not automatic. I don't like to give orders or listen to people's personal problems, that's why I stay away from leadership positions. If you must be in that position, let your people know that they're part of a team. Set goals, pitch in and help, I never ask people to do things that I wouldn't do myself. Eventually respect or at least tolerance comes. You don't need people to respect you; you just need to get the job done.
  • She's after your job! Shoot her.
  • Professionally, the end. I would go by the book, do everything in my power to take my personal feelings out of the equation.
  • youre a manager too, maybe you can fire her
  • I agree with those who mentioned documenting everything that's done and not done. write the employee up with clear instructions on what is expected and above all, don't make any mistakes in YOUR work. Submit the paperwork as outlined in your job description. Your supervisor doesn't have to like it, and may not even have to see it depending on your corporate structure. That's part of your job as a supervisor to write up insubordinate employees. What anybody else does with it is their job. Your job is to document and's also best if you can remember that it's just business, a job you do nothing personal keep your personal feelings out of it

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