• Seriously??? I had no idea! Oh,nooooooo!!!!! :(*+++++*
  • Because they can't compete with private industry. Government isn't able to run a business efficiently. This isn't just US, it's all governments everywhere. There is no profit incentive, and no drive to be competitive, or efficient with overhead or labor. Same reason social security is bankrupting. Won't it be fun when they tax us for air and run our healthcare too? Ah... government. That's what we need more of. Yeah! Thanks, Obama! These are ALL examples of things the constitution intended to arm us against! We've allowed the constitution to be ignored. This is our result. I challenge you to *actually read* the constitution and consider the application of it against any new government activity or law. It's astonishing how we ever got to this point of ignoring the VERY founding law which made us once great.
  • damn! I have some mails on the post, will they get lost if the post gone busted?
  • Perhaps they ran out of money
  • They need to stop that BS of raising the price of postage by 1 or 2 cent every few years.I wish they'd raise it to 50 cents and leave it there!
  • I think the Post Office is losing money. And they have these contracts with the union that is dragging them down. They have more competition now with the likes of UPS, Fedex, fax, email, etc. A bankruptcy will make all these contracts invalid. And they can start to negotiate contracts that are more reasonable now.
  • i don't think our mortal minds will ever figure this one out..........sorry
  • Like others, the heads of operation grossly mis-used proceeds, they need complete restructuring from the top down.
  • why not?
  • They cannot "declare bankruptcy", as if they were a private entity or a "public-private" entity (like Amtrak or FNMA). The USPO is a Constitutionally-founded government function, and cannot seek protection from creditors. Every debt it incurs is backed by the full faith and credit of the US Gov't. However, the USPO is running a serious recurring deficit, of about $7b/yr. Organizationally, the USPO is a disaster -- compounded by excessive union-fueled compensation costs.
  • It's called the computer thing!!
  • They can never go under but the problem is why do you need stamps to mail a letter that takes 5 days when your computer email to the party in 5 seconds? Retired bill collector 465 years

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