• At least 1/3 of the world is considered poor. There would be far more suicide if that were the case. edit: This shows that abortion is not for the sake the would-be child, but rather an act of selfishness on the part of the parents.
  • Indeed. If you consider what is in there to be a kid, it is too late to abort. If you consider it to be a growth, a blob that would become a kid if left alone, then you are not aborting a kid.
  • It's not about being poor. If you want to have a child, you should have it, even if your poor and the child won't be all spoiled, as long as you have love, that's okay. The problem is that if you don't think it's the right time to have a child, or don't think you live in an appropriate environment for the child (drugs, alcohol, too young maybe..), then you can consider abortion. And in those cases, it's not primarily about the baby. If you abort, there is no baby. It's as much a 'lost opportunity of a life' as when a man masturbates instead of having unprotected sex. Saying things like 'the baby would be better off dead than..' misrepresents the things. Of course, if you ask poor people AFTER they have been born, they will tell you that they'd prefer to live than to be dead. But that's really not the point. Of course they want to live, they are alive and have a survival-instinct and probably fear death. The fetus in the early weeks/months of pregnancy doesn't have such interests. As long as there are no hopes and feelings, you can't think of it as being 'better off or worse' than another state. It's then the decision of the parent, whether the parent is ready to bring a child into this world or not.
  • No, I've been poor. You can always escape poverty - I did. Escaping death is a much bigger problem. I say give em a chance and see what they make of their lives.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Youre right. Most of the world lives in crushing poverty, because they could escape but chose not to.
  • If poverty is an excuse for suicide then you have your priorities all screwed up. I grew up poor and even in poverty if you attempt suicide than people go nuts trying to find you "help" by calling 911, sending people to mental health places and so on. Poverty is just the lack of money, not life.
  • To abort or not is the parents decision. How the parents bring a child up is their responsibility..but as society we too have a part to play. From nature to nurture. Enviroment and culture influence also affects the child. If the child grows up in anti social enviroment with alot of suspicion and hate what would you think that will make of him/her? The struggle is not only to live but to live responsibly..that is suppose to be everyone's job. But society do not really bother much now it's piority is more on making money from you and your children..So moral values and what's good for us are not easy to know and not all are successful..even from rich families.
  • You make a very good point. There have also been many, many hugely successful men and women who started off in grinding poverty. That poverty became the source of their motivation, strength and courage. That was the source of this ad, which was banned by CNN and NBC
  • Billions of people are growing up poor, and it's better than not growing up at all. People who abort for these reasons show that they would be selfish, "me-first, later for the kids" parents anyway.
  • Odd thinking since poor people are already livign independently from the host and are aware of life and death, a fetus is not.
  • Those who want to give women the possibility to have an abortion don't see a an aborted fetus as a dead child, but as a dead fetus, which is not the same thing. In this sense, the alternative "dead or poor kid" does not apply.
  • Absolutely not.

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