• only if it's in my food...i'm feeling nauseated just thinking about it :[
  • Yes; what else has "fallen" into the food? ;)
  • No, it really doesn't bother me that is just a hair.
  • No not at all. I believe a good standard of hygiene should be maintained but a bit of dirt didnt kill our ancestors it wont kill us. people are so picky these days
  • it would depend if it were my own at least i know where my head has been; but if was a stranger's hair, yes i would feel gaggy if i had to finish the meal.
  • Yes! That is so gross. The person's hair that was in your food could have dirty hair, or lice, yuck makes me sick to think about. But yea..that meal would go back quickly.
  • As long as it's only one it's all good.
  • Well, I am not so finicky as to let it spoil a great meal, especially if I deeply love the person whose hair I know it to be...When I was a kid, I knew it was my mom's, so no problem there. If it is a home-cooked meal, I also know whose it is and, problem (smile). It is not a "pleasant" thing to see in a restaurant meal, but, one little strand never caused me to forego the meal. Anyway, I was a G.I., and I am not put off by such tiny things.
  • definitely i have a "thing" about loose hair though especially when wet and sticking to you In my food its practically the end of the world i realize my "thing" over hair its slightly illogical but ew it just gets to me D: bleh
  • I believe it would spoil my appetite a little, but I have seen worst, nails, broken glass that cut my tongue and bled awhile. Coming back to hairs well one is still ok if I'm really starving, but if I'm eating with others around I'll get something else so I won't seen as 'GROSS'. ;p
  • Not generally, it depends whose hair it is. Actually, I once found an eyelash in my capers and I haven't been able to eat them since! I guess a hair is one thing, hair from an eye is another!
  • I do most of the cooking so I would know it was my hair in it. But in a restaurant I would sure mention it to a waiter after I finished my plate. (without the hair in it.)
  • depends on whose hair it is and what kind...if it's my own hair, no problem, i keep myself clean and i'm not bothered by it. if it's someone else's and curly (like a pubic hair), then the meal is pretty much ruined for me.
  • No, it cannot spoil my appetite. I appreciate food as a gift, not taken for granted. I went through deep hunger in my early life and know what would spoil the food....

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