• most definitely. they sound like space ships!
  • Not in the current circumstances where we have power cuts daily.There is so much of power shortage here in India that we will think ten times before we get that.The price of petrol is also 2 and half times that in US.+
  • i will once they get the kinks worked out and the price down.
  • yes. but not at this time. the maintance on them is still a big issue.
  • How much are you asking.
  • No, I'm happy with my 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS, It's great since It has a v8 with close to 400hp =)
  • +5 If i had the money,yes
  • Yes, if I could afford!
  • Yes, after I install my own electric windmill, (in next 2 years i hope).
  • Maybe if I had the money to. +5
  • No way! I enjoy my horsepower. Besides they are not reliable at all.
  • Yes, I think it is one way to get away from the middle east holding us hostagew with their oil. + 5
  • Yes, if they didn't cost any more than gas powered cars. Check out the Tesla
  • No. If I had even a fraction of the amount of money needed to buy a modern electric car, I would instead convert a gas-powered car of my choice (or maybe a kit, like the Sunrise2) and choose my own powertrain and battery pack. For the $100k or more that the Tesla Roadster costs, you could build really nice EV if you had the money and the know-how. I almost have the latter, but I'm pretty dang far from the former, so I guess I'll keep riding my bike and using the boss' car when he lets me ;^)
  • I couldn't find one that was acceptable,too bad the GM EV-1 is gone. So,necessity being the mother of invention, I built one. I won't bore you with tech details; it's based on a 1964 VW single-cab pickup (plenty of room for batteries). Max speed about 60 mph; max range (30-35 mph) about 120 miles. I hear that Smart Car will soon be available in electric; might be just the thing for you(it's only a 2 seater though). Hope this has been helpful.
  • Addition to my previous answer. Mine doesn't pollute since I charge it from a solar array and wind turbine.
  • Probably not. I'm a little standoffish about it.
  • Buy? Maybe if I had the $$$. I would be more likely to build/convert my own as many other members of the SEVA have done. I would also continue to curse Chevron for having the patents on large-format NiMH batteries, thus forcing EV builders to use either heavy, delicate, inefficient lead-acid OR pricey LiON. For the DIYers here, I recommend scavenging old electric forklifts ;)
  • Nope. And I will tell you why... The existing internal combustion engines have a lot of time and research put into them, some good and some just flat out political/capitalistic nonsense. However the fact is that the whole reason for the desire to swap is for pollution as well as the price at the pump. The fact is Gasoline is down right inefficient in its current state of manufacturing. The molecular composition is too tight and burns terrible, letting on average 50%-80% of what goes in to come back out unburnt poisoning our air and wasting our money. Can the oil companies make it burn better, absolutely YES. But if they did, they would sell a lot less because if that 50% that was previously lost was actually used that's 50% farther you could go on a tank cutting your bill in half. Also existing vehicle designs could easily be retrofitted to run clean renewable fuels like hydrogen ect ect... Electric cars may one day be advanced enough in design to be feasible for me, but as it sits I need functionality, durability and flexibility that just simply isn't there. Warning Rant to follow, lol: The fact that the car companies design systems that waste a set amount of fuel on purpose is insulting (fuel injection). Then to try and fix the pollution issue this created they add parts on the exhaust to try and burn the excess fuel in the exhaust before it exits the tail pipe. Why not try to make the fuel burn in the cylinder where it belongs (EGR is a lame attempt at best)? But they make up 1000's of reasons why it's not possible, but believe me when I tell you its BS. Interesting Fact:
  • I think a lot of people would buy an electric car, if they had the money. Why buy gas guzzlers when you can use a natural resource that won't cost you anything and that helps keep our planet clean? But my answer to your question is: No. What I would really like to do, is get a car from a scrapyard, have it fixed up, and converted to electric. Now you're "double green", because you are reusing something that could be going into a landfill.
  • not until there are charging stations at every gas station

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