• Some places require your street address, and if you normally use a PO box, you can put one in one, and one in the other. In some cases, people will live in a building that's known, so they will put their suite or apartment number on the second line. (Many businesses have this type of address.) Most homes will just use Address Line #1.
  • 12-31-2016 That gets to be a very big annoyance. In my town USPS does not deliver to street addresses, only PO boxes. A lot of web sites won't accept a PO box as a valid address, so I put my PO box on line 1 and my street address on line 2. Some sites only have one line, so then I put the street address there and the PO box as part of the ZIP code. USPS used to refuse to deliver to PO boxes, but now they do. Trouble is they change the street address to the address of the local post office and delete the ZIP code that you gave, so your mail only gets delivered if the postal clerk happens to recognize your name. This gets to be extremely annoying.

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