• If I had the money I would be in court arguing my right as a father.
  • Nothing, she would be the one giving birth, which means it's up to her to decide whether she wants to go through with it or not, I would support her, no matter what.
  • divorce her as fast as you can shes telling you she hates you and hates your baby with her having a abortion which is murder in the first degree
  • I don't really know. She gave me two beautiful daughters but I consider a womans right to choose as being absolute. Her body is not mine. While I may not have been in agreement, I would have respected her decision. I don't think it would have a big impact on our relationship.
  • #1 - divorce her. #2 - sue her in civil court for wrongful death.
  • It would depend on her reasons to terminate the pregnancy. If it was to save her life or because the child had severe chromosomal defects that would kill it either before birth or shortly afterwards then I would support her, but I would need to see the evidence for myself. However, if it was because she simply did not want the baby then I would be devastated and would never be able to forgive her so I would leave her.
  • Nothing whatsoever apart from support her through the aftermath of the abortion, as I've heard they mental pain they case the mothers is not good at all. It would be their choice in the end and I would still love them in the and and always be there for them
  • Happened to my husband three times. He left the woman each time. He's pro-choice, but in each and every case he wanted to work it out with the girl, and raise the children. They went behind his back. He'd have an 18 year old, a 12 year old, and a 9 year old by now, if they hadn't. It really bothers him when he thinks about it.
  • Change the locks before she got home.
  • Start having sex with other women. I would tell her that I too am pro-choice. My body, my choice. She has no right to tell me what to do with my body.
  • Divorce her and find someone who loves kids.
  • Divorce or Break up with her, i could not be with a woman who murders her own child, or has the mindset that a fetus is simply her property. Id probably be as big of a jerk to her as possible and be as mean as i could before i left her A-moral murdering ass.
  • Hypothetically, I would express my strong disapproval, then make every effort to support her in her decision.
  • Leave her with no car, no money, and no health insurance.
  • I'm not a man,but there has to be more information here.
  • This is a very tough and thought provoking question. One of the hardest that I have ever seen in AB to answer. Thank you for asking it. On the one hand, as some people have said, I would have to respect that it is her body, her right and the fact that it is her that has to go through the childbirth. On the other hand, I would have to question if she truly loves me, since she has made the decision against my wishes so I would have to think long and hard whether or not I want to spend the rest of my life with such a person. Until it actually happened to me, I can't say with certainty what I would do.
  • I believe that IF there is a HEARTBEAT ; there is LIFE. If the bitch slaughtered my innocent baby ; I'd kick her skank as to the curb and get a DIVORCE ASAP ... Then; I'd try to prosecute her for Wrongful Death ... +5
  • Start having sex with other women against her wishes.
  • Kill her like she killed my child.

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