• I will fight for the end to Child Abuse ...
  • the right of free speech.
  • For my life.
  • Not really - most of the problems humanity faces are permanent facets of our collective personality, and no matter how hard we fight them they're never gonna go away. If I fight to the death, how can I continue to fight? There's no glory in turning an effective soldier into worm food for honor.
  • transgender rights is a waste of time. you have all the rights anyone else does. maybe if you didnt try tricking and deciving people into thinking your something your not you wouldnt get judged and "discriminated" against. ill be honest with you. its your body.. do what you want to do. your just making yourself look stupid. its your deception i have a problem with.
  • Well, for nature. xP
  • the safety of children
  • Protecting the independence of my country - Estonia.
  • The liberation of Palestine
  • well i cant pick a new one so i will just put the one i been working on for the past 2years CHILD ABUSE.
  • Several. All of them politically incorrect. And if "Transgender Rights" is your great cause, you have a very wharped sense of priorities.
  • That's a pretty out of the ordinary cause, but I support you. I have a list of things. I don't even know where to begin. I'll say, the green movement. You know, like recycling, using resources that do not harm the environment, cleaning up after ourselves, pretty much being Earth friendly and living in harmony with nature.
  • I have a lot of causes, my top ones being peace and the earth. I'm not all physco and crazy (heck I'm not even a vegetarian) but it is important to take care of the place we live.It is also important to me that innocent people live (hence the peace part). I also care a lot about people living in extreme poverty, espically children.
  • My main cause would be anti-abortion, in all shapes and forms. For that id be willing, gladly willing to die for.
  • The rights of pre-born children. They cannot speak or fight for themselves.
  • animal rights, plain and simple
  • No. I don't think would die for anyone or anything. I feel that sort of devotion and certainty about one's cause is often the real problem.
  • Not sure what rights you want as a transgender? I mean who knows whats under your skirt or pants until you tell them.. What rights are you wanting that you don't have?
  • 9-13-2017 Right means straight up, square, correct, the strong arm, a legal privilege. The common meaning to all those things is strength. You have a right to life, but only if you are strong enough to cling to it. You have a right to the space you occupy, but only if you are strong enough to defend it. You have a right to own property, but only if you can guard it from all attackers. You may obtain the services of a champion to defend your rights, or create a government for that purpose, but of course the champion's loyalty might become a concern, and governments always eventually renege on the contract. There is no such thing as "transgender rights".
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      You can tell when something is provoked by Satan because it is basically a stupid concept and involves forcing people to do things.
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