• They don't tell you not to fill your tank when the tanker is filling their tanks. When their tank is being filled, all the debris in the bottom gets stirred up. If you fill your tank while all those particulates are suspended, they get pumped into your tank, and from there they clog your fuel filter. My mentor taught me that if the tanker is filling the stations tanks, go to a different station or fill up later. He also said to never let your tank get to a quarter and in winter, never below a half for several reasons: so you have enough gas to go to another station or come back later, so you don't get down to the particulates in the bottom of the tank and suck them into your fuel filter and, in winter, so there is less cold metal exposed in your tank for humidity to condense on and get water into your gas.
  • Ethanol percentage added to premium unleaded ... in order to make more money per litre ... As you may be aware, It's law that they advertise ... yet many don't
  • that using petrol damages the environment or at least that's what environmentalists are saying.
  • +5 That the dress you have on really does make you look fat
  • What is the percentage of taxes as opposed to the actual price of gas.
  • how much profit their company is making per gallon.
  • That you really don't need an oil change.
  • all the food here is 3 years old,your all idiots not to realise the written on expiry dates for 2012.+5
  • That there is no toilet paper in the mens or ladies restroom. You will either have to "drip dry" or find a Sears catalogue.
  • They don't tell you if you're dumb enough to put the pump back on the hanger, they need to reactivate it and it doesn't always beep at them. They do tell you that you shouldn't talk on your phone or smoke nearby. LOL my husband works in a gas station and gets sick of that kind of thing!
  • When you ask for 10 buck petrol and they accidentally went up to by a mere few cents and extra liter. They don't charge the extra few cents.
  • surely forget the money for this time it is free of charge today dear!!!!
  • That if you use a debit card at the pump they "hold" $100 for at least 24 hours. For no apparent reason. I can't figure out hwy!
  • If your wife still digs you? ;-)
  • where they hid the key to the bathroom or why they feel the need to affix a hub cap to such a tiny key lol.
  • That their gasoline contains no additives in order to keep your engine clean. That the delivery truck just left and our gasoline may contain water for a while. That they have no restroom for you to use. where do they go? That buying gasoline here will cost you double, once you buy your gas on a credit card. That there is an armed robbery in-progress inside. just keep the gasoline and call the cops.
  • That the pumps are rigged to say they gave you less gas than the pump reads and also that they are in cahoots with all the others to fix the gas prices.

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