• End of interview, unless that person has a great explanation.
  • As long as he or she has another form of photo ID and they match up, and he or she is planning to go get a new DL very soon, I could care less as long as his or her credentials are solid.
  • If it's expired, it's invalid and useless.
  • Driving is a privelage not a right!
  • Only if a license was a requirement of the job. Otherwise, what's the point for even asking for it?
  • My first thought would be that this person does NOT pay attention to detail because there is NO excuse for letting a driver's license expire. But then perhaps there are extenduating circumstances, so I think I'll give them a chance to explain.
  • depends on the type of job they're applying for, of course.
  • It is a requirement that everyone that is hired at my work has a valid operating drivers license -- whether or not they are being hired as a driver. If they don't, interview over.
  • When I was in retail I was in training to be a store manager, this was a long time ago, the law may have changed, and this is in Washington state, I don't know if this is true for any other state. Unless the job requires driving it is illegal for the interviewer to ask if the applicant has a driver's liscence, or to see their liscense. All they can ask is if the applicant has reliable transportation, and ask to see a valid ID.
  • Unless the applicant is applying for a driving position, asking about a driver's license or an applicant's mode of transportation is not legal in many states. Check with your human resources professional or look up the labor/employment laws in your state to find out if you can ask. If the position requires a background check and the expired DL comes up, the applicant may simply be asked to explain why they did not renew their license. I know of one person who recently moved to our large city and sold her car because our public transportation system is fantastic. She let her DL expire b/c she didn't drive any more. So what? Later, she ended up getting a non-driver ID. But not having a valid DL is not necessarily an indication of bad judgment.
  • No opinion, I would like to know what happened (especially if the candidate is otherwise qualified and I like them).
  • i would ask him to get a recent one
  • It seems a bit strange to judge a person based on their ability to remember to renew their driver's license. Unless there is information on the license that would would legally prevent their employment, the fact that it is expired would seem to have very little importance. An expired driver's license alone would have zero bearing on my opinion of a person.
  • you ask them to get a new one
  • Unless the job required driving... there is no issue with an expired ID. However, it's why the normal procedure is to carry two forms of ID.

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