• You get the 'Big If' award of the day. Here's another 'Big If' for you: what if God didn't know that Lucifer was going to rebel? The same question could be asked about Adam.
  • If there was a god there would have to be a devil, you cannot have one without the other. Nature will always find an equlibrium. Since men invented the gods they had to have some sort of anti-god for balance. Without the contrast, how would you know good from evil, at least in the religious sense?
    • ReiSan
      The Devil was not even mentioned in the first parts of the Bible. he is a copy of the deity Ahriman in Zoroastrianism of Persia. He thus was added soon after Persia conquered Israel.
    • mushroom
      There is no proper noun Devil in the Hebrew Bible, only "ha-Satan" meaning an obstacle or adversary sent by God as a challenge.
  • i didnt know he did
  • It wanted someone to spar with.
  • God gave free will , and we choose what roads were going to take . Yes God knows the outcome of both of those roads but by free will we have a choice of what road we shall take Lucifer chose rebellion against God .Adam chose to ignore God's warning . And we chose everyday to follow God or go our own way .God knows the possible outcomes for us but we choose the ones were going to take .
  • I have no proof that either one exists.
  • Maybe God had this plan already made. For good reason God let this happen.
  • Jehovah God gave all his creation free Satan chose wrongly...making himself an enemy of Jehovah....Sadly, a third of all the created angels in heaven also chose wrong...and these ones became the demons. (Revelation 8:12) The fourth angel blew his trumpet. And a third of the sun was struck and a third of the moon and a third of the stars, in order that a third of them might be darkened and the day might not have light for a third of it, and the night likewise. In this scripture, the stars are the angels. (Revelation 12:4) and its tail drags a third of the stars of heaven, and it hurled them down to the earth. And the dragon kept standing before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she did give birth, it might devour her child.
  • There must be opposition in all things.
    • Lilo Avli
      I disagree.
  • That makes no sense. Still, it is part of the con game. If God is omniscient, he knew the Devil would lead many of his creations into eternal punishment. Only an extremely sadistic deity would allow this. God is far worse than the Devil, for he created him knowing what he would do and allows him to lead millions of humans to eternal torture. Fear of Hell and enforcing guilt upon people motivates them to pay Christians churches 10% of their money. It is a crude con game. If a person can be logical, critical and objective, he laughs at such a goofy tale. Clergymen try to arouse hysteria, so that People cannot be logical, critical and objective, of course. If God is omniscient, he is the ultimate sadist who creates humans so that he can torture many or most of them forever. He was not omniscient in the first tales about him. He comes across as a clumsy ninny who is quite ineffectual as a creator.
  • you need to ask god that question

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