• Leeks, usually one of three things, either they are sick, need changing, or want their bottle! +5
  • From personal experience I really can't recall -sorry. +5
  • U must have pinched the baby...
  • there either looking for something or they are in discomfort
  • hungry , wet, or in pain......also, could be spoiled to being held...seen quite a few of these!!! probably the 1st thing they learn, how to get ATTENTION.....personal experience: a 'sweet' schedule is a mature, responsible act for parents.... the hardest part about infants is pain....they can't tell u....
  • No, I don't!
  • Well, one of the main reasons would be: They're hungry, need changed or sick. But it can also be when they want attention, are tired or cranky, could be a bit bored too. Don't have any kids of my own, i just know this from babysitting and helping with my cousins kids, since i was 4 =) +5
  • they are hungry, they got a wet diaper (or poopy) they are sick...uncomfortable....tired. besides that they might cry because they feel a lack of attention...and they cry to get yours. They also might have gas, or acid reflux....or colic. besides that...really no reason. Just take care of the problem and theyll stop.
  • Same reasons some grownups do....Because they shit themselves, are hungry..etc.
  • hunger, they need to be changed, they are too hot, too cold, they don't feel well, they are tired and need to sleep, in pain, they want attention, they are frustrated with something... many reasons
  • Because they do not know any other way to communicate.
  • They feel the world the most. And, less abstractly, it's their only way to communicate... and there is just so much that needs to be said to meet needs...
  • There's no catch all reason. They cry when they want or need something. If you pay attention, it doesn't take long to figure out the different cries and what they mean (provided the baby isn't colicky).
  • Basically, they cry either because something is hurting them or they have some discomfort (e.g. sleeping with an open mouth, a baby's mouth can dry out)... or because they are hungry...or because they want something.. like a toy. If they start crying while they are sleeping it could be because they have a wind in their stomachs. I used to have to walk around with my baby son carrying him high up so that his stomach rested on my shoulder. This helped him burp and get rid of the winds.
  • The same reason adults talk, to try to convey how they are feeling.
  • I have been a mother and grandmother for nearly a half century now, and I can assure you they cry because they want or need something.
  • Normally they are either hungry, tired, need changing, or sick. When my son was a baby, if I fed him on time, made sure he got his naps, kept his bottom clean and dry, he never cried, unless he was sick (which was not often). Babies need structure, so keeping them on a schedule keeps them happy and the parent sane.
  • Because they are born intelligent in a different way... They realize that they are not only stuck here... but that they are stuck here with PEOPLE. I think I cried for 2 years straight!
  • My guess? = Bummin' out about not being able to get back in there! ;-)
  • It's one of their best ways of communication.
  • Because they are unabled to verbalize their needs to you, so they cry until they get what they need or want.
  • Babies cry because at that time it is their only form of communication. They cry when they are uncomfortable. Example: Hungry, tired, dirty diaper or have colic. What is colic? Colic is the name given to the sharp, intermittent abdominal pains or cramps that occur in babies whose digestive systems are still growing. All the internal organs as well as the rest of the physical body carry on developing outside the womb. It is also common in bottle-fed babies who are sensitive to cow's milk and can occur in babies who have had a difficult birth. Colic doesn't always start directly after the birth but comes on after a few days or even a few weeks. Babies pull their legs up or stretch them out and cry a lot, often after a feed. They may become constipated or you may notice a change in the colour of their stools. They can have colicky periods, usually in the early evening or suffer from more serious colic that lasts through the night and even during the day as well.
  • hungry, over-tired, bored, wet nappy, too warm, too cold etc
  • Because they are hungry, gassy, wet, lonely, uncomfortable or scared. Or...because they can.

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