• Nope! You are friends with who you are friends with and it's for the whole world to see unforunately!
  • Your life is pretty much an open book here. NO Secrets.
  • On Facebook? Well, you can hide your Friends' List from certain people. That doesn't always guarantee anything, though.
  • As a general rule, if you are hiding something, either you are ashamed of it or you are being dishonest.
  • Why would you do that? It sounds like a negative thing to me
  • anything you put online is public, no matter how well you think you hid it.
  • Can you hide only 1 person from another 1 and not the whole friend list and how is it possible
  • Sounds fishy to me. One of two things is goin on here. Either you are cheating on your s/o and are trying to keep the person you are messing with hidden from your s/o or one of your friends doesn't like the other and you are scared if they find out you are friends you will lose them. If scenario one is the case sooner or later your s/o is going to find out about your other friend so you can't run from your troubles. Fess up to what you are doing and let the chips fall where they may. If scenario two is the case why hide the fact you are friends with this other person. A true friend would not ask or expect you to give up another friend just because they don't like them.

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