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  • Aha that is where she has been the last 2 years.......Thanks for reminding me.
  • Yes! My trust in my wife is not based on any other persons actions, it is based entirely on our own relationship.
  • Yeppers, I value my private alone time and wouldn't deny my partner the pleasure of private time as well.
  • Yes, though I would be a little confused. He generally prefers running to hiking. He's not much of a walker.
  • Of course. I want to go hiking alone lots of times, so this would not raise any flags with me.
  • I would have no problems at all with this , my lady has been away a number of times by herself during our many many years together, it all comes down to trust and commitment and alone time is great every now and again
  • Yeah, they're both kind of nature freaks. Wouldn't bug me. I'd encourage them to do some soul-searching, and garner inspiration, as well.
  • I can't see him ever wanting to do something like that alone but if he did I would be ok with it I suppose. My s/o always wants to me to come with him wherever he's going so actually I guess it would seem a little suspicious, but everyone needs alone time once in a while.
  • Alone with me? Hell no, he'd prolly push me off or something. And if he wanted to go by hisself...nope. He's doesn't know how to have alone time. He always has to be with somebody.
  • If my guy is a naturally straightforward guy then I would. Is there a reason that you wouldn't trust the word of your SO, did they do something shady in the past.
  • Hrrrm....nope, he would be lying :)
  • yes, my best hikes have been alone...hiking/camping alone in Grand Canyon National Park has been the best vacation of my life...better than a month in Europe and that was fantastic! i think everyone should experience that.
  • Well, BigDaddyBS -- will you believe me that I was laughing out loud the second I read your question? I knew immediately what you were alluding to. :) The closest to a significant other for me presently is my cat- - I could believe her. Heck, I'd probably give a "paws up" if Sanford wanted to meet her on the trail there, even. Appalachia or Argentina -- she doesn't get out much. +5 fun question
  • Implicitly. I'm not married to the governor of South Carolina.
  • I might. I would hope he cared if I went hiking somewhere alone, though. I don't think it has to do with "trusting me" by myself. I think it has more to do with he should be concerned about my safety, especially because I'm a female and I would be out by myself. I might actually be insulted if he didn't care, although I may never tell him that.
  • Yes, she's independent. Doubt she would trust her children with me however.

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