• It's hard to generalise. My ideals would incline me to lean towards the first, though I know there are different opinions about it. It's got to depend on the individual relationship involved and the expectations of the people in it.
  • detrimental. pornography is there to arouse with images of people being used and abused. there is no love in it, no sharing, no caring, no respect or honour. how can it be harmless? it desentisises mainly men so that it becomes hard to see them as human beings with a whole range of needs, instead they are seen as objects to fulfil one need.
  • g'day Jammco, Thank you for your question. It depends on how you define pornography and how both partners in the relationship respond to it. If they both enjoy it no problems. If you have one enjoy it and the other not, it can cause difficulties. Of course, I am talking about adult relationships and material depicting it. Regards
  • To the legions upon legions of teenage boys who watch it, harmless entertainment, but to adult men who want a bit of extra personal pleasure, detrimental to relationships
  • Either. If one partner has a problem with the fact that the other looks at pornographic material, then it is a problem in the relationship... especially if the offending party continues to do it with no respect to the other's feelings, or lies about it. If neither party has a problem with pornographic material, then it won't likely harm the relationship. Some couples enjoy viewing materials together - in that case, it can enhance a relationship.
  • Well, since I'm a teen I know that no matter who I'm with my boyfriend will always, uhm, use it. It wouldn't really bother me except for the fact that they always try to hide it from me and lie about it. That part is what hurts relationships, in an indirect way. Then again, anything can affect a relationship if the people in it let it.
  • Yes detrimental - It can be and is - Can cause trouble from the get go -
  • I will watch it with my partner and we mainly laughed through most of them so I would consider it harmless entertainment.
  • i think its detrimental. because if the wife/husband finds out that the other one is looking at that stuff they may start thinking *why dont they just look at me, am i fat?, and i 2 ugly to look at* Is he not interested in my body anymore?? that kind of thing and it could really make the other feel bad. :(
  • If both people are secure enough with themselves and their partner to be able to honestly and thoroughly communicate, then it can be quite fun. But if there are communication barriers, then it could be a problem.
  • Like others have said I think it depends on the situation and the individuals involved. If one partner in a relationship is constantly using porn as a way to arouse themselves against the other partner's wishes, then it's definitely detrimental. Also, if one partner develops an addiction to it it can be detrimental. However, if both partners enjoy it and don't mind the other viewing it for arousal, then it's harmless.
  • Without a doubt it's detrimental in most cases. After all it's aimed predominantly at males. Only a small proportion of women are turned on by visual stimulii, where virtually all men are.
  • It depends on the attitude of the person or people and how it is viewed by them.
  • I would certainly never put pornography in the "harmless" category. It really depends a lot upon the person viewing it and the circumstances. It could be fuel for a lot of unsavory behavior.
  • Harmless Harmless Harmless. Its a film with people wearing no clothes having sex. In the same vein is a story about a load of toys that come to life detrimental in the fact that it demeens children?
  • Porngraphy can be a heathly part of your sex life. As long as it doesn't take over and replace the attention you get from/give to your partner. I realize that most of the women are airbrushed, porn-perfect models and they are unrealistic in both appearence and action, however I believe that is the point. It's fantasy! Males are highly visually-motivated. Porn provides this in abundance. As far as we real people go, these actresses/actors are inacessable to most of us. Due to apparent high-mileage I am not sure that, in real life, they would really be so tempting to "get with" anyway. Porn can be one part of your foreplay. I see no harm in that. With my soon-to-be-ex-husband, and my new boyfriend I have watched it. They both appreciated that I was open to allowing their visual, fantasy needs to be met. Plus I enjoy them as well(although, mostly I like to point out mistakes and errors.(i.e. I saw one porn where you could see that the guys' penis was taped to his leg. Tee-Hee!) Some women do have the psychological drawbacks. (i.e. "Why does he need that, am I not good enough?" or "He wants the girl in the picture/video!" or "He wants me to look like that.") Truthfully, you should discuss the feelings, and do away with these insecurities. They aren't healthy, and are likely to surface in other areas even without porn. Now, porn can be detrimental, but only if it becomes a substitute for physical contact and your relationship with your partner. However, in most cases, this isn't the case. Porn can be harmless entertainment that you both can enjoy. It can be used in with your foreplay. It can be "beneficial" even, as long as it doesn't take over! Hope this helps!
  • If you see your partner on that site you're viewing, that's where "harmless entertainment" stops and "detrimental to relationships" starts...
  • In moderation: Harmless entertainment.
  • Harmless to my relationship. It could be different for other people, though.
  • your answer is moderation.
  • Pornography has ruined countless relationships as many become addicted to it while neglecting their mate. Many children are exploited worldwide each day to feed this monstrous and highly profitable porn industry machine. Here is a link to a good article on this subject:

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