• nag them night and day about it. Try to get them to do activities that you KNOW will make them breathless quickly. You could also start complaining that you sometimes can't catch a breath - maybe you are getting asthma. Some people just are pig headed stubborn etc and just wont stop until their health stops them, and sometimes not even then.
  • nag and when the buy smokes through them out or break them
  • Show them a pic of nasty lugs and say these are my lungs thanks loving parents.
  • there is a book named 'easy way to stop smoking - Allen Carr' just buy one give it to your parents as a gift. it really works i stopped smoking when i finished that book.
    • Linda Joy
      Way to go!
  • That's their choice to make not yours. My mother didn't quit until after she was put on oxygen after getting lung cancer.
  • Start coughing when they smoke in your presence. Unfortunately they have to come to quitting on their own. Making them aware how it affects you may factor in.
  • You don't. No one beats the nicotine addiction until they want to quit MORE than they want to continue. Desire is the first step, and it only comes from within.

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