• All of them.
  • tbh....I prefer playing on my computer with the radio on tv in the background playing some music and occasionally send some messages with my phone :)
  • My laptop is capable of functioning as all three... sends text messages, sends pictures... It would cost a little money, but phone service is available for computers with microphones now... As for TV, is quite awesome. Hope this helps... :D
  • Oh that's a toughie.. It's between my phone and my computer..... Well I can watch tv on my computer and it has all the functions of a phone so I chose computer!!
  • huh, well it's kind of hard to make a phone call from my TV, or surf the nte from it also, kind of like comparing apples to fossils. Depends on the task to find a prefrence
  • Computer....has the ability to do all three.
  • Addicted to computer, tv when bored, do not like to answer phone because it is not convenient.
  • My computer. Sans Internet. I only watch t.v. if there's a show coming on I know I want to watch, otherwise I do not turn it on and do not channel surf looking for something to watch. I don't like the phone because it's usually someone I don't want to talk to asking me to do something I don't want to do. If I could, I wouldn't answer my phone most of the time.
  • Computer, I use It more than my t.v or my cellphone =)
  • PC... any day, i can do everything that a tv or phone can do.
  • All of it.

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