• Don't turn the key ON, you will damage the fuel gauge!!! The wires may not be OK but here is what you can try. 1 check the guage, find the sending unit wire on the gauge and disconnect it- turn on key- gauge at Empty? gauge OK 2 Get a long good piece of two conductor wire and put some gas in the tank, we are doing a bypass of the wire in the car. Connect the wire to back of the gauge terminal and a ground on the gauge. take the other end of the wire Knowing which wire IS on the term on the gauge and put THAT ONE on the middle terminal of the sending unit on the tank and then the ground. 3 turn on key, it should show the fuel level in the tank. This tells you that someplace in the car between the tank and the gauge the wire is missing its outer protective sheeth and is shorting on the body of the car causing the gauge to go to full. Just find the route of the wire and replace it with a new one with new terminals and you should be fine- this works with most cars BTW
  • Sounds like you might have pinched the sending unit wire when you had the tank out and now it is grounding to the frame giving the false reading. you could also check this by removing the wire to the tank from the back of the gage at witch point it should read empty. Be sure you don't have the wires backwards on the gage too.
  • Hello. Make sure the gas tank is grounded, If it's not the gauge will not read correct. David
  • if there is a break in the wire coming from the sending unit to the guage the guage will read full. Do not turn on the key, you will damage the guage. use and ohm meter and check for continuity from one end of the wire to the other, then from the wire to the frame. Yuo should have continuity from end of the wire to the other but NOT to the frame.
  • it sounds like you need a ground to your tank, w/o ground it can read full with the fiberglass body you have a ground harness.

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