• well for a cult movie..Suspiria...for gore...Deathrace...for innovation...Saw series...I could just go on and on with this one.
  • In the first alien movie, when the thing finally dies as it's blown away from the ship, it was like I could finally breathe. It was simply a great movie.
  • It's not the most realistic scene, but my favorite is when Paul Reubens' character gets killed in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie). That was the funniest death scene I have ever seen.
  • Saving Private Ryan. When the team assault a German position and the medic (played by Giovanni Ribisi)gets fatally wounded.
  • marley & me
  • 1. dorothy melting the wicked witch of the west 2. bridge on river kwai the alec guinness' character, the british colonel screaming "what have i done?" realizing he has helped the japanese and falling down mortally wounded onto a dynamite plunger and blowing up the bridge he spent months and months building for the enemy. 3. psycho ~ janet leigh shower scene 4. dr. strangelove how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb ~ slim pickens riding the nuke 5. dr. zhivago ~ omar sharifs character dying of a heart attack after sighting his old flame lara and chasing after her calling out to her and waving at her in vain. 6. cool hand luke ~ paul newman dying in the boss' car with a grin on his face. 7. 2001 - the death of HAL the computer by switch off. 8. monty pythons the meaning of life ~ let the punishment fit the crime scene ~ the criminal being punished for telling sexist jokes chooses execution by being chased off a cliff by a large group of topless women. 9. clockwork orange ~ disturbed yes, but gotta give kubrick props for the catlady death scene by giant penis sculpture 10. star wars ~ obi wan kenobi slashed down by darth vader
  • Jaws! When he exploded at the end. I still can't help feeling sorry for the big dumb animal, even though the thought of getting munched when I'm out kayaking scares the crap outta me sometimes.
  • The ending scene of Bonnie and Clyde.
  • I'mmm mmelllttingggg!!!!!!- Wizard of Oz
  • PLOT SPOILER!! Helen Cooper getting garden troweled to death by her living-dead daughter in 1968's " Night of the Living Dead. "
  • Here are a few of my most memorable: KING KONG death of the Great Ape E.T. the EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL death and return to life of E.T. CAPRICORN ONE faked death and attempted murder of the astronauts by politicians (a great conspiracy movie) FEARLESS death of those in the plane crash (both live and recreated scenes from the downed United Airlines Flight 232) SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION death of Brooks, the Librarian ("Brooks was here" before he hung himself) THE NOTEBOOK peaceful death in their sleep of husband and wife lying side by side, holding hands THE TITANIC the frozen people bobbing in the icy waters
  • When Carlito died at the end of Carlito's Way only b/c he got to tell Gale that he loved her and to take the money he stashed and go to Miami and raise their unborn child. it was so sad it made me cry the first time i saw it!
  • Paris Hilton getting a pole/rod through her head in House of Wax! Makes me giggle EVERY time! muahahahahahahaha
  • Gladiator (Russell Crowe) (it was the haunting music that really stood out for me) Dr. Zhivago (Omar Sharif) grabbing his heart as he see Lara pass by...
  • The chainsaw scene in"Scarface".
  • I don't think the violent action movie "death scenes" are the best. Most require no acting skill, only technics. Some "good" death scenes; Cleopatra; Romeo and Juliette; John Gielgud, in Arthur; James Cahn, in Brian's Song; the English Patient; Roy Scheider, in All That Jazz....
  • One of my favorites is when that nerdy guy in Shaun of the Dead is overpowered by zombies in the Winchester pub and they basically draw and quarter him.

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