• It is called a crosier.
  • It is meant to resemble and symbolize his position as the shepherd of his folks in his diocese. And his intention to follow after Jesus and be a good shepherd. It is called a "Crozier" and is basically a fancy shepherd's staff.
  • The Pastoral Staff or Crosier
  • A Crosier. They're used by Bishops in both the Anglican and Catholic faiths.
  • i think it's called a crosier
  • It is called a Crosier or pastorial staff. It is a symbol of authority and jurisdiction.
  • The staff is called a Crosier. And it looks awsome!
  • I wish I knew what the hell it is that you're asking cause if there's a bishop in the mix, there's gotta be a joke somewhere in there, but for the love of me, I don't know what you're trying to say
  • The staff is called a crosier. It is the symbol of the Bishop's duty to lead his flock.
  • The Bishop's shepherd's staff called a crozier is based on Jesus calling Peter and the Apostles to feed his sheep and lead his flock. A bishop bears the crozier as "shepherd of the flock of God", See John 21:15-17. Crosiers are used by high ranking religious leaders in the following Christian Churches: • Roman Catholic Church • Eastern Orthodox Church • Anglican Communion • Some Lutheran and Pentecostal Churches Why don't fundamentalist Christian Churches who take the Bible literally, not have the scriptural office of bishop? With love in Christ.

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