• In places where arranged marriages happen, divorce is probably a little taboo.
  • Because the married couple are to scared of their parents to divorce, so they just work out their problems.
  • Arranged marriages are often set up between families of wealth. One of the underlying reasons for divorce is financial discord.
  • Arranged marriages stand on a foundation of tradition and commitment. Today's marriages stand on a foundation of disposibility and uncertainty.
  • I just answered a similar question. I'll paste and edit the answer into here for convenience: It's basically being smart and "researching". For example, whether you like it or not, your parents tend to know your character better (as they have lived with it for so long). They will be aware what kind of personality would be suited. - The families would know each other, or have known of each other, and would have been a step closer BEFORE the marriage. As opposed to finding out when their child is arranging their marriage themselves. This way, family bonds are also maintained, as the family generally aproves of your choice. - You still have the choice, and have a chance to get to know each other. - Many ordinary marriages are simply based on sexual feelings and "love". These often breakdown when you discover the true presonalities of the people. When you live with someone, you see a different side as opposed to dating someone. And you can deny it as many times as you want, but if you don't marry someone you love, if you are open, you can truely love them. - Culture-wise, (speaking for Indians), we were brought up in a different world. Dating and romance as it is known today, wasn't part of normal accepted social behaviour. So when exposed to this kind of world, we still tend to stick to our old ways of living. Thus arranged marriages tend to workout well. - I'm an 18yo University student living in Perth, Australia, with my family. So I think it's fair to say I'm not culturally bounded as such. My parents went through an arranged marriage. I think I might too.
  • Because in the societies that accept arrainged marriages, they don't accept divorces.
  • I think this has something to do with human nature.In a love marriage you like him/her because of his/her good qualities or beauty etc and after the marrigage you feel like the luckiest person on earth for some time but then eventualy you get used to the beauty or the good qualities for which you married him/her and start noticing bad things which you never noticed before and the life becomes a hell when you can't see any good in your partner and take the good qualities for granted and start asking for more which you partner is not capable of.Probably partners expect a lot of each other and when these expectations are not met they feel really dissappointed and the marriage ends up in a divorce. Now in case of an arranged marriage you don't know anything about B.So you don't expect a lot, actually you're afraid that it'll be bad and you won't adjust properly.But both the partners get to know each others good and bad qualities with time and learn to compromise.So thats IMHO the reason why love marriages usually end up bad.
  • The only possible reason that I can think of is that the particpants are deathly afraid of going against the "arranger," no matter how horrible the marriage is.
  • Because they are more about servitude than equality?
  • Commitment is stronger and longer lasting than feelings.
  • fear, maybe? I really don't know, but it seems that if you would allow someone else to pick your spouse it would never cross your mind to decide it was not what you wanted/needed/could put up with and end it. I know this was and maybe still is an accepted practice in some cultures and maybe it works. I had rather make my own mistakes.
  • Because they are not as experienced as a couple that's been together for years and might also have kids before marriage. They get the chance to know one another as a married couple. It's their first experience in most cases, It's a special thing...I think it's inoccent.
  • Probably because the women in these relationships have few to no rights. She would not be able to support herself if they were to get a divorce, and relies almost completely on her husband. She therefore is probably what holds the marriage together...submitting to his every wish so he stays happy and wants to stay with her.
  • They aren't based on lust.
  • Well maybe for the fact that in my marriage.....the sex is what has to be arranged............
  • It's arranged, its like saying this is your husband. When people feel they have to make it work alot of ties they do.
  • normally people who do the arranged marriage thing do it for religious reasons. those types of people aren't normally very progressive in their political beliefs. have i said enough?
  • More realistic expectations
  • From what little if have studied about such things... cultures that arrange marriages are situations where the marriage is not for love, its for practical reasons and have to do with the greater good of the community. In these same cultures, children are born and put to work early as assets to the community. The females are prepared to be a wife to the husband and not a lover. So the whole thing basically comes off as a business transaction. In the US, its supposed to be for love. I have seen an answer or 2 that says it could also be for religious reasons which I have also come across in my studies. Basically it seems that Arranged marriages are done for other reasons and not love and thus last for the duration.
  • I think it is because often the families who are looking for a mate for them take more into consideration than what they people often do. They thin beyond just 'do I love them'. They look at all sorts of aspects of life. Then the two people get to know each other to see if their parents are correct, to see if they would et along. Arranged marriages are not forced on any couple. It's more like a matchmaker service than forced marriage. And since they start out in a solid logical way, they are often more committed to making this arrangement work since they both agreed to it.
  • The people I know who are in an arranged marriage don't have any other option. If they get a divorce their family will disown them and it is against their religion. One woman is treated really bad but she can't leave him, thats not an option. It is both good and bad. Bad because it's a bad situation for her, but good because others can't just give up when it gets hard.
  • Like arrange marriage so do love marriage each person seek ways to know better the other.Even if it means you met her/him alone or someone introduced you to one another. The main idea here is knowing each other. Persons who turn to be better inform about each other make better decision and when they come together they as well last longer. Arrange marriage is arranged by a community and love marriage turn to be between lesser persons which may mean less knowledge about the other. If marriage is about knowing one another for life then you want to start on a good foot.The community that seek good partners for marriage comes around again when problems come. Love marriage that live on Independence seek council from paid marriage advice group. You like it or not some how some strange people will come to rescue your relation when problem come. That may be why love marriage break up quicker. How can two persons who do not agree resolve their marriage problems by themselves? We all like freedom but it must be guided I think for such institution like marriage.
  • because the participants in said marriage have already been brainwashed from birth that its their sacred duty or something to hold up the marriage or risk embarrassing their family. And the things some countries let families do to the women who dishonor their family name is enough to make them stick to it.
  • im guessing here...because there is no love involved and therefore no hurt feelings, feeling ignored or left out. sex would be neither here nor there since its just part of the contract. in short, its not personal!

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