• Nothing, I dont do that, I hate having to replace everything I break. Wait a minute I remember, right before I was going through my divorce, I got so mad, that I threw a door down the basement steps, that he had not moved for after asking him 20 times.
  • I dont break things when i am angry, the last thing that WAS broken in anger at my house, by someone else, is a channel changer
  • I accidently I SWEAR IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! threw down one of my favorite cd (the coraline soundtrack) to the ground. The cd was fine thank the heavens but he cover broke =/
  • My left hand (Boxers break) about 12 years ago. I learned to cool my temper now and just take a walk to cool down.
  • An empty 5-gallon water jug that I threw against the wall of my garage when me and my now ex had a huge fight, which is why we are now exes. When I got to the point that I was breaking shit, even if it was just a water jug, then I knew it was time for me to go. I will always love her and she is the mother of our son, but she's not worth me going to jail over.
  • Waste of energy Chief! Anger is sign of one likes that..loll..get disgusted on the golf course occasionally, but not angry! +5
  • I don't generally get angry at things enough to actually break them. I call them a POS and say a few choice words. My computer is taking me to the "mouthy" stuff these days. But I sure won't break it. Then how would I AB? invis.+5
  • believe it or not.... my tooth! i clenched them so hard because i was so upset, i chipped one!! luckily it wasn't even noticeable, but i had a to make a trip to the dentist son after that
  • Never broke anything.. just slam door's.
  • No..can't ever remember doing that.
  • The last thing I broke was my alarm clock and if that wasn't enough I also damaged my bedroom door. Whenever I am angry. leave me alone and don't confront me.
  • Hmm, never broke anything out of anger :) Havent been angry for many many years, and if Ive ever been angry I suppose I take it out on myself or punch a wall (swollen tendon last time i did that!!! lol)
  • A kitchen chair:) It was the only thing I could find:)
  • A favourite thing of mine, I am so sad it is destroyed: it was a sofa cushion / plush owl toy I got from IKEA.
  • The last time I engaged in that silly sport was about 25 years ago. I threw a plant at my boyfriend. Thank God he ducked. I never threw anything again, since I derived no pleasure or relief from it.
  • My index finger and my badfinger.
  • One of my house phones! Generally I don't get that angry to break things though!
  • It was already broken, and I threw it on the ground and broke it the rest of the way. It was an electric drill.
  • Back in 2005 ; my computer was freezing up and giving me all kinds of problems ... One day; I had enough ; I unpluged all the wires and connections ... Picked it up, and hurled it onto the floor .... Darn ! That felt so good !!
  • lets see.... i've broken my last 4 computer mouses out of anger and an n64 controller.
  • never athough there was this time when i was 8, and building a go-cart , i only had a brick to knock in the nails and it just wasnt happening! i got so angry i stamped on the nail-through my shoe right int mt heel.
  • a heart
  • one of those snow globes
  • a picture frame that i was throwing away anyways so i slammed that suck in the trash, it felt so good hearing it crack.
  • a window

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